Cheyenne Cigars Strawberry 100’s

Cheyenne International’s Cheyenne Cigars brand is unveiling a Strawberry SKU this year. The Strawberry Cigars’ 100s, made at the company’s manufacturing facility in Grover, N.C., joins 11 other styles in the Cheyenne Cigars roster. According to CEO David Scott, The addition of Strawberry 100s was a natural next step for the brand.

Despite the Tobacco Control Act, signed into law in 2009, banning cigarettes that contain candy or fruit flavors. The FDA is concerned with reducing smoking and tobacco addiction among youth, so they have noticed the flavored cigars and their similarities in appearance, packaging, and labeling.

Our adult consumers looking for both quality and variety in this segment, and we intended to deliver. The Strawberry 100s come 20 cigars per pack and are accompanied by attractive point-of-sale and customized retail and wholesale programs to fit individual market needs, the company noted.

One thought on “Cheyenne Cigars Strawberry 100’s

  1. tiffany smith says:

    i live here in fayetteville nc and some of the smoke shops here in town have the strawberry flavor.i loved them.they are so addicting.i even got a few of my co workers whom are 99 % about newports to try the cheyenne and they liked them

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