Cigar All Stars – Michael “Air” Jordan

You may not associate sports and athletes with cigars, but there are several top coaches and athletes who love to fire up a stogie. Some do it to celebrate a championship, when breaking a record, or to simply relax during the off-season. For this group we deem them Cigar All-Stars.

Without argument, Michael Jordan is one of the greatest basketball players to ever lace up a pair of sneakers. He was the lead architect taking the Chicago Bulls to six NBA world championships, winning the league MVP five times and averaging 30 points per game during his glorious 15-year career. He helped change the face of the NBA and especially sports marketing in general, while amassing amazing statistics in almost every offensive category.

One thing for sure is that Michael Jordon was also a cigar connoisseur and he kept his love for cigars under tight wraps. His favorite cigar is the Cohiba Limited Edition Double Corona, which he was known to fire up after winning a championship, playing cards, or while playing a round of golf.

Do you remember in 1998 when Michael badly cut his finger on his shooting hand with a cigar cutter? Some felt this may have been the reason why he retired (second time) from basketball when he did. Some also feel Jordan could have retired due to gambling problems and the league trying to protect is image. Jordon does own several top steak houses, which are all cigar friendly thus confirming his love for a great stogie.

Anyway you cut it (no pun) Michael Jordon is a true basketball legend and at the end of the day a true Hall of Fame cigar smoker.

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