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The Best Cigar Cutter

Whether you are new to cigar smoking or a pro cigar smoker, a cigar cutter is an indispensable tool for any cigar smoker. And when it comes to the best cigar cutter, there are three basic cuts: the wedge cut, the punch, and the straight cut.

One of the essential parts of the preliminary cigar smoking process is the ritualistic cutting of cigar. This is one of the first things you will learn when you are learning to smoke a cigar because there is no premium cigar without a closed cap or head. So to get the desired draw from a cigar, you must cut off the cap.

You can accomplish cigar cutting using different methods and cutters. This is where straight cut, wedge cut, and punch cut come in. The straight cut requires a single or double blade guillotine of cigar scissors. People prefer scissors for precision while they prefer guillotine for convenience. The choice is yours!

The wedge cut will not remove the cigar’s head altogether, but rather make a V-shape wedge into it. The punch cut will make a hole in your cigar head instead of cutting the edge completely. But remember that the punch cut needs to make the hole a bit large so that smoke can flow through easily. Although some tough guys may claim that biting the head off with teeth is the best way to cut your cigar, we strongly advise you not to use your teeth.

A bad cut can ruin your cigar and affect the pleasure you derive from the smoking cigar. A cigar cutter is beneficial, especially as you move up the ladder to pay more attention to the cut’s finesse.

Aristocrats, creatives, lawyers, construction workers from the pauper to the crown, no one is exempt from a quality cigar. Whether you are a flat-out aficionado or a weekend hobby smoker, you can not do without a cigar cutter if you want to enjoy every puff. But choosing the right cutter for your everyday use can be difficult because there are plenty of things you need to consider. Luckily, we are here to help!

The main problem here is that our preferences vary when it comes to choosing the best cigar cutter. But we have decided to narrow this list to only the best cutters so you can select the right cutter for your everyday use.

1. Colibri Cutters

colibri cigar cutter

Colibri is a popular, oldest, and one of the most trusted brands in cigar accessories. It uses the finest materials and super-sharp surgical blades, which you need for the sharpest cut possible. All Colibri Cutters are expertly engineered, and they have handsome finishes with great designs and shapes. Whether you prefer dual blade or V-cut, Colibri Cutters are perfect for you. Not only that, the cutters from this famous brand are the best; they are also affordable.

So even if you are on a budget and are looking for the best cutter, Colibri has a wide range of cigar cutters you can choose from. From V-cut, Guillotine to S-cutter, you can easily select the one that matches your style. The beautiful and the solid feel the Colibri cutters offer makes them peoples choice.

2. Mardi Gras Cutters

mardi cigar cutter

When you are looking for quality and affordable cigar cutter, Mardi Gras Cutter remains one of the top brands. With a wide range of cutters to choose from, you don’t need to waste time comparing cutters. Mardi Gras provides you cutters made with quality materials. The cutters are beautiful, and you can take them everywhere you go. Stop biting your cigar with teeth and get one of the rugged, sharp, and beautifully designed cutters from Mardi Gras.

3. Wall Street Cutters

cigar cutter

Like the famous New York City street, the cutter company is named after the Wall Street Cutters exude sophistication, luxury, and wealth. The surgical steel used in making the cutters has a rich, solid feel and luxurious metal finish. Despite these cutters’ quality, they are affordable, and you don’t have to tell anybody how much you paid for it because it has an excellent quality to be bought for that price.
The cutters look beautiful and cut your favorite premium cigar sharply. And if you mistakenly mention the price you bought any of the Wall Street cigar cutters, everyone will ask where you got it because of its fantastic quality. If you are looking for the best cigar cutter you can buy at an affordable price, this is the cutter for you. Get it today, use it to cut your cigar and puff your cigar like a pro.

4. Xikar Cigar Cutters

Xikar Cigar Cutters

If you want it bold and stylish, Xikar Cigar Cutters offer a wide range of bold and modern cutters with excellent finishes. All cutters from Xikar feature the finest stainless steel blades, and you can pick your choice at an affordable price. The cutters are made with exotic metals and wood and are finished off with durable lacquers.

Whether you are looking for punch, V-cut, scissor, or guillotine style, Xikar provides you the perfect option for any type you prefer. The beautiful all-metal components are polished to perfection, and when you hold any of the Xikar cigar cutters in your hand, the feel will make you proud. The best thing about the Xikar Cigar Cutters is that a lifetime warranty backs them.

Now, you have no excuse not to own a cigar cutter because we have helped you select the best cigar cutters you can choose from. If you want to smoke like a pro and enjoy the cigar from start to finish, the cutter you choose will determine your experience. Choose your cutter, cut your cigar smoothly, and enjoy every puff.