Discontinued Backwoods Cigars – Unique Flavors

Backwoods Cigars 

1- Banana Backwoods Cigars Flavor 

Backwoods banana cigars are some of the most sought after cigars in the world. One reason is that people like to take them apart and to roll their own weed in place of the tobacco called a Blunt. These popular flavors are near impossible to find in the United States, but you can find them in England, Italy and other European countries in abundance.

2- Grape Backwoods Cigars Flavor 

Here’s another fruity flavor from Backwoods cigars that is so hard to find in the United States and Canada. Your best bet is to score some of these in Europe.

3- Ice Wine Backwoods Cigars Flavor 

Not long ago those from the United States use to be able to get Ice Wine Backwoods cigars from Canada but not now as the Canucks have put a ban on menthol and flavored tobacco products. It looks like the only ones you’ll find in Ice Wine are those not smoked yet in Canada.

4- Vanilla Backwoods Cigars Flavor 

Vanilla is one of the rare Backwoods cigars that Americans were getting from Canada. Ontario and most of Canada has banned all flavored tobacco products to curb the appeal to young children. For now you’ll have to search in the United Kingdom and other European countries to find the elusive Vanilla Backwoods cigars.

5- White Rum Backwoods Cigars Flavor 

One of the lesser known Backwoods cigars is the White Rum flavor. These are not available in the United States but some have been located with French text on the packaging. These could be coming from France but also they could be coming out of the French speaking Canada. There are not many of these floating around that is for sure.

6- Wild Rum Backwoods Cigars Flavor 

The United States has stopped production of the Wild Rum Backwoods cigars, but they do sell the limited edition flavor Honey Bourbon. You can still find the Wild Rum Backwoods cigars being sold outside the United States in most European countries and some German websites are selling online, but reliability is not verified.

The more that States legalize marijuana the more you’ll see brands like these Backwoods cigars coming and going. For now it’s the fact that they are fruit flavored that is stopping the United States from selling these blends year round, where in Europe you can find them much easier.

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  1. Malcolm flu says:

    Even tho they are not sol din the US is their a way to order them online? id very much like to order the banana and vanilla and the grape if possible. Please email me back with info of how to and where to to order them.

    • GetSpecific Website Marketing says:

      we do not carry these….most US stores do not have these cigars due to regulatory issues. hope this helps.

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