Five Legendary Machine Made Cigars You Should Try

Today’s machine made cigars fit in well with just about any lifestyle. You can buy one of these good tasting sticks in just about any flavor and type: just about any berry flavor under the sun, wood or plastic tipped, cigarillo sizes to full sized cigars, by the box or individually in some cases.

Our Short List of Five Great Smoking Machine Made Cigars

Blackstone machine made Cigars by Swisher should be on your short list of machine made cigars to try. These cigars have been around since 1997, manufactured here in the United States, using a filler made with homogenized tobacco leaf binger and wrapper. Blackstone machine made cigars are known for their sweet taste and for a smooth mild smoke. Nothing harsh about the plastic tipped cigars.?

  • They come in two primary flavors: the Blackstone Vanilla Tip Cigarillo and the Blackstone Cherry tip Cigarillo.?
  • We always have these fine machine made cigars in stock and our prices are the best in the world.

Backwoods machine made cigars are made using only all natural tobacco. They provide a mild smoking experience,? great for just about any occasion, not too strong but with sufficient taste to satisfy you. Like many machine made cigars, they provide a nice mild smoke, with nothing harsh in the taste and they have a pleasant aroma.

  • Backwoods machine made cigars come in foil pouches containing 5 cigars and are also available in multi packets of 8 pouches of cigar goodness.
  • They offer a unique number of specialized blends:? Sweet Aromatic, Black, Honey Berry, Honey, Dark Stout, Honey Bourbon and the Backwoods Original Cigars.
  • Their Dark Stout blend is a great tasting cigar that goes perfectly with just about any beverage you like to drink; but a good pale ale will bring out the zesty taste in a Dark Stout cigar.?

Krome Cigars and Cigarillos are made by Phillies, the well known cigar manufacturer. These flavor packed machine made cigars are like many others, mild in taste and not too strong. These cigars are made in the Dominican Republic and they are super affordable, each package of cigarillos will cost you less than a buck.

Phillies makes five unique Krome flavors:

  • Krome Jade Cigars – has a slight touch of grapes; you’ll think you are out in the vineyards in Napa Valley.
  • Kkrome Ruby Cigars – is a sweet tasting machine made cigar, not too sugary but sweet enough.
  • Krome Diamond Cigars – has a classic cigarillo (strong!) taste that’s not for the faint of heart, a? really strong smoke that delivers a lot of taste.?
  • Krome Onxy Cigars – has a mouthwatering blackberry taste that will remind you of blackberry fields out in the country.?

If you want a traditional tasting machine made cigar then grab a box of Dutch Master machine made cigars. These beauties have been made since the early 1900’s by Altadis U.S.A. These machine made cigars have a zesty taste that’s full bodied, somewhat similar in taste to a traditional premium cigar and you can get Dutch Masters in two primary varieties: full size cigars and smaller cigarillos which are widely known for their nickname “mini-dutches.”?

  • These are machine made cigars manufactured in Puerto Rico and they are know for their mild smooth taste.?
  • These are a consistent best seller here at Windy City Cigars and around the world, made with a natural wrapper that ensures you are going to get a great taste as you light one of these machine made beauties up.

If you are looking for a great smoking machine made cigarillo then log on and buy a box of OHM Cigarillos – these fine tasting cigarillos use only the best source tobacco, they are manufactured to exacting standards and each machine made cigarillo is flavor rich, with nothing artificial in the taste whatsoever.?

OHM Cigarillos Come in these Great Tasting One of a Kind Flavors

  • Blueberry Berserk: you want a taste of blueberries in a cigarillo this is the right product; akin to those blueberry pies your grandmother made back in the good old days.?
  • Mango Maniac: a bit on the wild side, with enough mango to satisfy the taste buds of any cigarillo smoker looking for something out of the ordinary that’s gonna resonate with any cigar smoker.?
  • Sweet Bomb Cigarillo: enough sweetness to satisfy the craving of any cigarillo smoker with a sweet tooth; not too sugary or over the top sweetness, just the right amount.?
  • Water-Freaking Melon: you want melon taste with your cigar? This is the cigarillo for you, loaded with that melon taste you are looking for.
  • Strawberry Breeze: your taste buds will think you are walking around in the strawberry patch down in the lower forty or you just took a bite out of the best strawberry shortcake money could buy.
  • We sell these machine made cigarillos in individual packs of 15/3 goodness or a economical pouch of three.

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