Four Ways of Cutting a Cigar

Are you smoking?Ashton Cigars?or other cigars for the very first time? You can get good cigar deals from various cigar shops. Also you could try a sample of say,?Rocky Patel Cigars to begin with before purchasing a whole pack. But before that, you should also be aware of cutting a cigar the right way. Here are four ways to cut a cigar:

Straight Cut

1. You can make a straight cut by using a Double-Guillotine Cutter. Choose the right cigar?s end to cut. This is known as the head of the cigar and it is the end that has to be placed in your mouth. The opposite end is called the foot. One can identify the head as it has a cap and it is nearby the logo sticker. A round portion of tobacco is fixed on the head to keep the cigar?s wrapper jointly. 

2. Find out where the shoulder comes to an end. The shoulder is the part where the cigar?s curved end begins to straighten. ?You have to cut just above the cigar?s shoulder.

3. Place the cigar cutter between the forefinger and the thumb.

4. Put your cigar into the cigar cutter and make sure the cigar is lined up properly so as the cut the cigar just above the cigar’s shoulder.

5. Now cut your cigar swiftly, using all your force. And with the other hand, grip it tightly and don?t allow it to move till it is cut completely. Ensure that your guillotine cutter is sharp.

Punch Cut

1. The Punch Cut is done with the help of?Punch Cigar Cutter. It simply makes a hole through the cigar?s head. There are 3 types of cigar punches:

Bullet Punch: It twists to display a circular blade which will cut into the cigar?s head.

Havana Punch: It has a dug in tip that is fitted in the head of a cigar and extracts the tobacco plug when the cigar is cut.

Multi-punch: This comes in more sizes so as to punch various cigar sizes.

2. Choose the right punch size and drive the blade inside the cap.

3. Then rotate it to completely make a hole in the cap. After this, take away the blade and the part that is cut will also come out.

Wedge Cut

1. The wedge cut is achieved with the V-Cutter and this cutter will help the smoker to get a bigger draw because it cuts deep into the cigar?s head.

2. In one hand, hold the v-cutter and the cigar in the other, and ensure the ends are open.

3. Place the cigar in the cutter?s notch. Make sure you don?t wedge the cigar?s head too deep otherwise the cut will be too big.

4. Squeeze the cutter?s 2 ends together after driving the cigar into the v-cutter. Get rid of loose tobacco if there is any.


1. Bear in mind that biting is inaccurate and might effect in an inferior smoke. This is the last option that should be chosen.

2. Position your teeth in a similar way as a guillotine cutter.

3. Bite tenderly one or two times at the same time rotating your cigar.

4. After biting a few times, the cap will be unattached which can then be removed by mouth or hand.

Whichever cigar cutter you choose, ensure it is of good quality and also should be sharp. Also ensure that the cap is taken off neither too much nor too little.

The Right Way to Smoke a Cigar