How to fix a torn cigar

High quality cigars come at a cost, which, in most cases, is not particularly low, which is why a cigar that has been damaged can cause quite a disappointment. However, such disappointment only strikes, if one has no idea about how to repair them.

To begin with, it is to be noted that myths, such as making the wrapper wet with your tongue and sticking it together as it used to be, are just myths ? something like that will never work. In order to stick the wrapper back to its initial form, you will have to use a glue. Luckily enough, these are available at most grocery stores.

Fixing a damaged cigar only requires a walk to the nearby grocery store, where you should ask for pectin ? a natural glue. It is important to keep in mind that chemical glues are to be avoided, especially when your purpose is to fix a cigar. Fumes from chemical glues are very toxic. If the slightly damaged segment of the cigar is close to either the foot or cap, you can try to cut it back to a better segment of the wrapper. Nevertheless, professionals always manage to get the most of the cigars they enjoy, which translates into learning how to repair them.

As previously stated, the necessary glue is referred to as pectin and it can be found in the canning sections of usual grocery stores. Since pectin is a food-grade substance, there is no need to worry about any health hazards when smoking it. This natural glue is both flavorless and odorless when burnt ? this means that it will not alter the flavor of the cigar in any way. Pectin is mixed with water in an amount that results in a gelatin mass.

It is this gelatin that has to be applied to the free end of the wrapper or, as required, to the segment of the barrel where the wrapper is to be attached ? in some cases it can be applied to both parts. It is important to hold these together until the glue dries.

To repair the cigar, mix this natural glue with water until it becomes viscous, then put a little on your fingertips and carefully apply it to the wrapper, exactly where it is damaged. Keep it steady, so that the glue gets a chance to set properly and then remove your fingers slowly, just to make sure that the wrapper didn?t stick to them.

At the end, check the cigar visually to make sure that is properly sealed. You can light it now and enjoy it, as you like it, although you might want to let it rest for a little while, just to ensure that the pectin dries completely.