How to Reinforce a Dry Cigar

Cigar Smokers can buy cigars from many cigar stores that offer?Best Cigar Prices?and also have?Discount Cigars for Sale. Sometimes what happens is that cigars dry out. In case if your cigars have become dry, then bear in mind at all times that they will not go back to their original faultless condition. And if your favorite cigar is deteriorating or falling into pieces while you are touching it, then they have surely have become ineffectual. In a state where cigars have become dry but the wrapper is still intact and has not work out or splintered, then such kinds of cigars can be saved. The procedure of enlivening a cigar will require some patience and time as well. But this will be rewarding despite the effort involved so as to get a good smolder.

1.Take of your cigar from its aluminum tube or wrapper.

2.Take a medium sized sealed zipper bag and create numerous holes in the bag. Make holes all over the whole zipper bag, with the intention to cover the holes all over.

3.Put your cigars in a box made of cedar wood and ensure that the lid is open, in the zipper bag and then close the zipper bag afterwards and make sure that you seal up the bag correctly.

4.Moisten your dab and you will be able to do this by making it wet beneath the table and afterwards drench it out. And make sure it is damp but not saturated with water. Then take a zipper bag of larger size and put the sponge in it.

5.Put the medium sized zipper bag containing the cigars in the bigger zipper bag including the moist sponge. After doing this seal the bigger zipper bag firmly.

6.Then wait for around 4 to 6 days and then take out the cigars from the box and subject the cigars to complete dampness. You will be able to this by removing them from the box and putting them again in the medium zipper bag. After that, close this bag and put it back in the bigger zipper bag.

7.Turn the cigars after every 2 or 3 days by 25%. Continue doing this up till every cigar has been completely spun at least two times. This will give equal contact to humidity. This process could take around 3 weeks to complete. Once you have accomplished this procedure, remove the cigars from the zipper bag and put them back in the initial box. And remember that the cigars preferably must not be smoked for a further six months because they will require some time to stabilize after the treatment.

Instructions and Warnings:

If it happens that your cigar is not very dry, and then attempt to cover the cigars in the box in a moist towel for a period of about 2 weeks. This will help to reinstate the cigars.

Don?t be anxious if minute bubbles come out in the cigar in the course of the procedure. This is routine and has to be put right at the time you begin to turn them.

If you possess a portable humidor, in that case you can easily put your box of cigar exposed into the humidor for around 2 to 3 days, and simply swap the bottom and top rows and put away for an additional of 2 to 3 days.

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