John F. Kennedy He Loved A Good Premium Cigar

You cannot mention politics today without thinking about the Kennedy family. There are so many life altering moments from the Kennedys along with achievements that have become a part of the American consciousness. The day John and then shortly thereafter his brother Bobby was assassinated to Teddys deadly car crash at Chappaquiddik and John Jrs plane crash. One thing that John F. Kennedy loved was good premium cigars, which has him deemed as one of the cigar smoking icons of politics. Here are just a few interesting cigars stories about JFK.

  • In 1961 famous comedian Milton Berle (a premium cigar legend himself) gave JFK a walnut humidor with the engraving that said, To J.F.K. Good Health Good Smoking. Berle purchased it for $800 and after JFK was assassinated he tried to buy it back via a Sotherbys auction, but was outbid by Cigar Aficionado publisher Marvin Shanken for $574,000.
  • In 1962 tensions between the United States and Cuba were on high alert. Fidel Castro was seen as a major threat to the US and at one point during the year we had a nervous 14 days as the US and Russia had the world on the brink of nuclear war. Just before the embargo that would stop all Cuban products from entering the United States JFK gave his press secretary Pierre Salinger the highest order. JFK instructed him to obtain at least 1,000 premium cigars and Pierre did not disappoint. He ended up scoring 1,200 premium cigars for the President in just 24 hrs and just before embargo was initiated.
  • There is a cigar lineage that is still going strong for JFK. In 1977 Sargent Shriver (JFKs brother-in-law and father of Maria Shriver) adopted Arnold Schwarzenegger when he married Maria and became a part of the family. Mr. Shriver gave Arnold his first premium cigar at a dinner party and the political cigar tradition continues.

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