La Gloria Cubana Cigars

La Gloria Cubana Cigars: Smoking with style!

I won’t blame you if you didn’t know this cigar before now or if you haven?t given it the proper attention, but after reading this post, I expect a change.

If you have been following Windy City Cigar and have taken the time to navigate its website, you should have come across our storehouse of cigars including the Cheap Filtered Cigars, Premium Cigars, Cigar Samplers and Cigarillos and of course the one in focus for this discussion.

If you belong to the La Gloria Cubana Society, great, you should already be familiar with the history of this elegant cigar which dates back 1885. Regarded as the Boutique Cigar, the style and craftsmanship of its design stand its smokers apart, thus placing them in a well-respected class of cigar smoking worldwide!


  • Strong brand popularity
  • The sweet, distinct flavor
  • Very smooth and earthy smoking
  • Savory smoke and right draw
  • Triple-seam cap
  • Inviting and elegant appearance
  • Nice whitish-grey ash burn

What sets La Gloria Cubana apart?

In the class of premium cigars, you would find this brand special in the artistry of its design, and the creativity and choices of delicious flavors with remarkable appeal enjoyed by veteran cigar smoking community for more than 100 years. The exceptional quality enjoyed earned La Gloria Cubana Serie R (one of its extended range) and its siblings the trust of companionship with consistent delivery of excellence over the years.

How to enjoy La Gloria Cubana:

We have discussed how to smoke a cigar in one of our informative posts. You will find it very helpful if you are new to smoking cigar. To enjoy La Gloria Cubana Hermoso or any of your favorite, it is best you find yourself in La Gloria Cubana Society where you mix up with cr?me de la cr?me of the cigar smoking world. Find your favorite drink and enjoy the company of socialites who can make more meaning in your life.

Every piece of this cigar is beautifully wrapped and filled with the exotic blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican tobacco richness to produce the soothing spice of delicious layers of unique tobacco flavor. You won?t ever want to taste another cigar except if you already committed yourself in a secret bond of loyalty to other brands, but deep inside you, it will be an acknowledgment and praise for La Gloria Cubana and its variety.

How to buy La Gloria Cubana:

A brief stopover at Windy City Cigar premium cigar section will present you a full house of the extensive range of La Gloria Cubana; it?s always a home of choice to give you the best in the world of smoke.

Scroll down the page to select your choice of La Gloria Cubana in the range. You can search for your choice if you know what you want, it in the search box to take you straight to the brand without time wasting. Click Add to Cart and proceed to Checkout.

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