Live Large with Swisher Sweets Cigars, Cigarillos and Little Cigars

Swisher Sweet Cigars are as much of a part of western mythology as anything Quenten Tarantino has portrayed on the screen, including the Hateful Eight. Swisher Sweets Cigarillos had their start when David Swisher won the company as payoff of a gambling debt and started selling little cigars and cigarillos out of the back of a wagon. 

Swisher Sweets Cigars and Cigarillos are ubiquitous in our culture. You can find them mentioned by Scarface, Ludacris, Lil’ Wayne, Master P and UGK in their music and everyone from Will Smith to Jack Nicholson has been photographed smoking a Swisher Sweet Cigarillo or Cigar.

You can purchase a Swisher Sweet for just about every taste. They are know for having a mild taste that’s never harsh and come in every size or flavor imaginable: cigars, cigarillos, sweet flavored cigars, wood tipped cigars, slims, and even a toasted wood flavored cigar. 

Their flavors are strong enough to let you know what you are smoking; but, unlike some of their competitors, no hints of artificial flavoring that doesn’t have quality taste.

Swisher Sweets International is truly a one of a kind American made product. Each day they manufacture over four million cigars per day in the factory in Jacksonville Florida. And, this is a global company, shipping cigars to over 70 countries around the world. 

Let’s talk about quality versus price. Swisher makes a high value product that’s aggressively priced. You can get a month’s supply of Swisher Sweets versus one or two “hand made Cuban’s” preferred by the somewhat snooty cigar cognoscenti. Your call; but, we vote for Swisher Sweets. 

Six Great Tasting Swisher Sweet Cigars

Take a wild on the wild side with the Swisher Sweets Gape Cigarillo: it’s flavor packed, tastes great after a meal and the taste is zesty enough to give your taste buds a real kick but it’s not going to blow you out of the water like a cheap smoke. 

If you just barbecued a steak on the grill with your “posse” try smoking a Swisher Sweets Blueberry Cigarillo – this is not your folks cigar, this upright cigar is made for those who want to break out of the ordinary and get some taste in their mouth as they work through a cigarillo. 

Okay, your pulling a pint of Ben and Jerry’s out of the fridge and you want a cigar that’s gonna taste right we’d suggest the Swisher Sweet Peach 69C Upright – your going to get a burst of flavor that’s mild but strong enough to let you know you are smoking a cigarillo with some personality. 

You can’t go wrong pulling out a Little Cigar Cherry Filtered Cigar if you want a quick smoke break with a cigar that’s economical and tasty. 

For those that want a statement cigar that’s gonna satisfy your need for the real deal fire up a Swisher Sweets Outlaws Double Barrel Rum (it also comes in mild flavor). This cigar gives you that lean, mean and rugged appearance and it’s suitable for any occasion.

Swisher Sweets has recently ntroduced the limited edition Swisher Sweets Wild Rush Cigarillo. Dive in and experience the wild, flavorful blend of sweet fruits and watermelon with this limited edition cigarill. The Wild Rush Brand comes in a resealable pouch, ensuring you won’t lose any flavor if you are an on the go cigar smoker.

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