Macanudo Cigars and wine : A pairing made in heaven !

Macanudo Cigars

Macanudo Cigars

Macanudo Cigars

   Whether you are paring Macanudo Cigars and scotch or Macanudo Cigars and beer or Macanudo Cigars and any other liquor, even a seasoned Cigar smoker and spirit connoisseurs sometimes get lost when pairing cigars with drinks. In fact, the ability to pair spirits and cigars strikes many just as a mystery. But most mysteries can be solved because there is a clue and it is nice on your tongue. It’s all about learning how to taste it.

You use natural tasting abilities to choose the dressing for your salad and decide the perfect wine you want to drink for dinner. Your palate tells you the right thing for you and the more you make use of your sense of taste, the better it becomes.

Some great drinks pairing with Macanudo Cigars are single malt whiskey, rye, port, bourbon, cognac and rum. Most white spirits like gin and vodka, with exception to tequila, don’t work with Macanudo Cigars because it will overpower them. Of course, there are also red wines and some beers that can make a great pairing with Macanudo Cigars. The best thing is not to allow the drink to overpower the cigar or vice versa.


How to smoke Macanudo Cigars like a pro
pro macanudo cigar

Not everybody is a cigar pro and unless you’ve smoked some stogies before, it can be difficult to even light up a cigar. Basically, it seems really straightforward – light the end of Macanudo Cigars that is not in your mouth and suck. But it is not that simple. There are norms and conventions that smokers follow and although no one will actually ridicule you for not knowing the norms, you don’t want to look like the greenhorn when people are lighting up Macanudo Cigars.

To help you smoke it like a pro, we have put this quick guide on how to smoke cigars in the right way together. Just follow this guide and you will not only look like you have been doing it for years, but have an enjoyable smoking experience. Here is what you need to know:

Choose Macanudo Cigars

The best cigar people are smoking now is Macanudo Cigars and there is no other reason why it is the apple of the eyes of smokers than the fact that the taste on the palate is outstanding. So don’t walk into a store and put down the cash to buy just any expensive cigar, but the quality one that your palate will appreciate. This is a well-constructed cigar with firm texture throughout its body, making it the best you can smoke.

Cutting the cigar

Always Before you light it up, Make sure to clip the end of the cigar and the best way to clip it is to use the best cigar clippers. You can equally cut it with a knife if you don’t have a clipper, but try to avoid biting it off. To get the best results, just clip the end of the cigar fast and with strong motion. This will lead to a great smoking experience and help you avoid tearing.

However, you can work with what you have because a poorly cut cigar is better than no cigar at all.
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Lighting the Macanudo Cigars

LIGHT Macanudo Cigars

       You have a lot of options and whether you use a torch lighter or wooden match, the process remains the same. Alternatively, you can use the normal cigarette lighter to get the job done, but you should avoid it if possible since pro smokers claim it can affect tobacco flavor.

Whichever way you choose to light your cigar, start by holding it in your hands and putting it above the flame. Before you put it in the mouth, ensure you burn the end to prime. Try to spin it around to get an even burn, and once the yellow glow is up, it is time to puff.

Once the tip is primed and ready, put it in your mouth and continue puffing. Don’t inhale the smoke because you are likely to start coughing like a buffoon – just pretend like you are sucking something using a straw. After filling your mouth with smoke, just blow it out. Repeat the process like five times or more until it starts producing thick white smoke.

Having learned how to smoke Macanudo Cigars like a pro, you can now combine it with the wine of your choice. Macanudo Cigars are the most trusted cigars that Americans smoke because it is always aromatic, mild and easy to draw. Inside it is the perfectly balanced blend of double-aged Dominican longfillers wrapped in a leaf from Mexico. This cigar is recommended for both men and women and anyone that is new to smoking premium cigar.

Macanudo Cigars would blend with any wine or liquor, but the drink should not overpower the cigar neither should the cigar overpower the drink. Get on with the smoking and enjoy your life to the fullest.

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