Macanudo Cigars on Sale

Windy City Cigars, the best place to buy cigars online, is pleased to announce we now carry the full line of Macanudo Cigars! One of the top-selling premium cigar brands in the world, Macanudos are always mild, aromatic and easy to draw. They are handcrafted in Jamaica and the Dominican Republic with silky Connecticut shade wrappers that are triple-fermented for extra smoothness. Inside is a perfectly balanced blend of double-aged Dominican long fillers. Known for their distinctive tastes and aromas, Windy City Cigars is proud to add this historic brand to our huge selection of the best discount cigar deals available.

Macanudo was originally produced in Jamaica by the makers of Cuban cigar brand Punch. General Cigar Company purchased the name in 1971 and introduced the Macanudo cigar as a brand unto itself. Developed in Jamaica under the creative leadership of Ram?n Cifuentes, the legendary Cuban cigar master of Partagas, Macanudo soon became the leading premium cigar and remains so today

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