Selecting A Cigar By The Taste, Price And Rating

There are a number of different ways of settling on a specific cigar. Firstly, you can pick a cigar on the basis of it country of origin. We all know that the tobacco acquires flavor from the climate and soil where it is grown. And each country where the tobacco is grown has its distinctive characteristics. So, pick a cigar which the characteristics pertaining to its country of origin appeals to you. There are cigar smokers that select a cigar on the ratings it has been given. Many a time, some of the ratings could be confusing. It all depends on the individual’s palate. There could be a cigar that is rated highly but you do not like it and vice versa. You should follow reviews, which describe the characteristics, strength and flavor of a cigar. This way, you will be able to make a well-versed selection. Another factor that influences the selection of a cigar is the price. If you wish to try out various cigars, the best way to do it is to get a medium priced stick from a recognized producer. 

Look for cigar shops that stock a decent selection and also make sure you try various cigar brands. You could find the cheapest cigar from a particular cigar, which could be nice. So, the thing is that not only expensive cigars are the best. Even an inexpensive cigar could give you satisfaction. You can also select a cigar by its taste. When you smoke a particular cigar, and you find the taste enjoyable and calming, then such a cigar is perfect for you. Ignore the complexities and undertones for the moment, and just try a number of different sticks, probably beginning with the bigger and milder ones. The thinner ones have more filler and binder and will not give you the right understanding.

You can pick a cigar by the color of the wrapper. The wrapper’s color plays an important role in the cigar’s flavor. Remember, the darker the color of the wrapper of the cigar, the sweeter and more full-bodied the cigar is expected to be, thought the real determining factor is the filler’s color. There are some important factors that influence the ultimate quality and flavor of the wrapper leaves like the plant’s location, the time of harvesting and the process of drying or fermentation. The more time the leaf remains on the tobacco plant and more the amount of sunlight it gets, the darker the leaf is going to be. The wrappers are categorized into 7 essential colors. While choosing a cigar, make sure you look for discount cigars for sale. This way you will save some money.