Ten Popular Myths About Cigars You Need to Know

There are more urban myths around taking care of cigars than the Loch Ness Monster – we’ve heard them all but here is our top ten list of issues you should be aware of. 

White Ash Means You have a Great Cigar: No/no this is an absolute falsehood. The ash at the tip of your cigar and its characteristics is a function of the where the cigar was grown, the amount of phosphorous and calcium in the tobacco. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

A Darker Wrapper Means a Strong Cigar: This was is false too. You can find a Maduro cigar which has a very dark appearance can provide a very mild smoke and a cigar wrapper that uses Claro leaves can deliver a very strong smoking experience that can knock your socks off. 

record player from the agent days when cigar smoking was cool

John Kennedy Stockpiled Cuban Cigars ahead of the Embargo: This one is true, JFK did in fact create a private stash of H. Upmann Petit Coronas in multiple locations (some conjecture here) around the world. Know one will ever know if JackieO fired up some of these babies with him in the White House. Rank has its privileges, especially if you are the president and your shaping foreign policy. 

Cuban Cigars were Rolled on Women’s Thighs: This takes the number one position on our bogus urban myths of all time. Have you ever attempted to roll anything on your thighs? It’s impossible unless you have the hand eye coordination of a Jedi Master. 

Cuban Seed Always Produces a Great Cigar: Not always the case, it depends on the actual seed stock of the tobacco plant, how the tobacco was grown, harvested, stored, etc. Great seed stock can product a high quality cigar but there is no absolute 100% guarantee all the time.

Your Fridge can Function as a Humidor: This is not ever the case. Your refrigerator is way too dry for storing a cigar for any length of time and don’t even think about the drawers with high humidity. These are no better and you will ruin your cigar. 

You Should Warm Your Cigar up Before Smoking: Don’t try this at home or anywhere else, this is never a good idaa as you can ruin the properties of the cigar. You are just going to toast the wrapper of your cigar which ensures not a very good smoking experience. 

Price Trumps Everything Else: Absolutely not, price is at times part of the equation. But the sophistication of your palate and experience level are critical when selecting a cigar. 

Just clicking in to our web site to buy a fine cigar and bellying up to the bar and going with the most expensive is not a good idea.

Humidors are Only for Cigar Aficionados: If you are spending over $50-75 clams per month on cigars a Humidor is a smoking hot investment for you (excuse our pun). 

You can buy a pretty basic cigar humidor for under $100 and your investment in cigars will be enhanced: you can store a great stick for years in a good cigar humidor and treasure it like or with a fine wine in the company of someone special.