Ten Signs You are Hanging Out with Premium Cigar Snobs

Okay, let’s say you break out a premium cigar and it’s not a handmade Cuban that you can rave about and the “fine folks” around you blanch in horror as you light up that Rocky Patel Catch 22 Rothschild.

Here are our ten steadfast warning signs that tell your immediate circle are possibly premium cigar snobs.

  1. They are all raving about how great their Teslas are and you and the wife are talking about what kind of mileage your new Chevrolet Truck gets as you cart your kids from school to social functions. #notgood
  2. You are taking a vacation to Florida this summer and your friends are complaining about the air fare costs to Europe and whether or not they can get on a KLM Flight to Europe so they can fire up a premium cigar on the way over. 
  3. Your spouse is letting you save up for a box of Avo XO Maestoso Cigars but you are afraid to mention it at the cigar club as they are all talking about how cool it is the Cuban Embargo is now over and they are refilling their humidor with several boxes of their favorite Cubans. greece-vista-shot.jpeg
  4. You’re drinking Stella Artois around the barbecue but the cigar snobs are asking for something from Iceland that you have never heard of. And, what’s worse, you almost offered them a brew made in America.
  5. Your hanging out with the bae at a country club function and the snobs are breaking out monogrammed travel humidors with their initials engraved on the case in gold leaf and they are leaving the humidor open so everyone can see the gilt trim. #overthetop
  6. Your checking your Instagram feed for something cool and about to show a pic to them and they are on the iPhone with the stockbroker and have no interest in anything digital other than stock picker apps. You are so/so in the wrong zip code and it’s definitely time to rethink your social circle.
  7. You are talking about the RYO lifestyle back when you were a bit younger and you are getting nothing but blank stares back from them. 
  8. The wife fires up her favorite stick while you are out visiting friends and they turn on the exhaust fans or worse yet, fire up the AC but it’s the dead of winter. Time to move on. 
  9. You brought over a bottle of desert wine to with a premium cigar after dinner smoke and it disappears into the pantry never to see the light of day and they cigar snobs whip out a bottle of Grahams Vintage Port 2011 (weighing in at $100 bucks per bottle BTW). 
  10. Two words: Swisher Sweets – yep you like them and you still smoke em. But, no offense meant, if you are afraid to admit you are still firing up one of these sticks from time to time in present company; we hate to tell you, but you are hanging out with “premium cigar snobs” and if you aren’t careful you could become one of them