Ten Things Every Cigar Smoker Should Know

The world is full of blogs and people that try to treat their words (spoken or written) as sacred. We do not. We are tobacco enthusiasts in a family run business and not a corporate behemoth. 

So, we try to share topics, issues and perspectives that will inform and entertain you. Here goes: please read on. 

Thinking Cuban Cigars are the only way to Cigar Nirvana: we love a good Cuban stick as much as the next cigar aficionado but don’t be a cigar blowhard waving your “Cuban” around the room or yakking loudly about how wonderful it is. 

  • Remember the old Cuban saying: “empty barrels make the most noise” and smoke and act accordingly. Oh, and there are thousands of great cigars out there not made in that little tiny island off the coast of South America that taste great. We rest our case.

The sweet science of knowing what and how a cigar wrapper impacts the overall taste of your cigar is a must know prerequisite for any cigar smoke worth her/his salt. The wrapper is the piece de resistance of a great stick and you want to know some of the baseline fundamentals. 

lady smoking a cigar

Sharing is caring when you are entertaining but your favorite cigars are somewhat like a trusty bottle of Jack Daniels that you hid in the back of the cupboard and there is nothing wrong with bogarting these babies for “personal consumption” with you and your significant other (yes ladies we are talking with you too). 

  • So, if you have a house full of neighbors hanging with you in the backyard and that guy or gal that has never lifted a finger to say hello asks for a stick when he notices you are firing up a Rocky Patel there is nothing wrong with giving him something that may have been in the humidor too long, especially if he has had more than a few Bud Lights. Just Google: “pearls before swine” and you’ll be more enlightened. 

Don’t hang out in that local cigar store or lounge without buying something! We all have to make a living and the owner is trying to put his kids through college too. So, do the right thing and pick up a stick or two – you will have a new home away from home and we all need more friends in life when/where we can find them right?

To smoke in public or not? If we had this one figured out we would tell you right now. All we can share with you is some folks are cigar friendly and some are not. And, just irritating the ones in the latter group by puffing smoke at them is not going to to much good for the cause or your relationship with them. 

Always protect your investment: buy a functional cigar humidor and you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg for a great humidor. Small plug: we have humidors priced at under $50 and the cost of a humidor is trivial compared with the actual cost of $2-3 per stick, or more.

Everyone's Favorite Agent Smoking a Cigar

Understand cutter etiquette: don’t mouth that cigar and then borrow someone else’s cigar cutter unless it’s your husband or wife right? That’s just good cigar smoking etiquette in our humble opinion. 

  • Speaking of a cutter. What you need to know: use a scissor, commonly called a guillotine and never cut below the cap of the cigar as the wrapper holding the cigar together is going to fall apart as will your cigar.

Your cheeks are the critical part of enjoying a great cigar, not your lungs. When you draw a good cigar let the smoke hang a bit before you exhale giving your palate some stimulation from the smoke.This sensory process is important to understanding how to appreciate a cigar, you will know if it is mild, medium or full bodied. 

How to hold a cigar? There is no perfect way to hold a cigar; it’s really a function of if you feel comfortable just picking it up. If you don’t feel absolutely comfortable holding the cigar then leave it alone and move on to another selection.

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