The Body of a Cigar – Strength or Flavor ?

The cigar’s body is a term that is subjective rather than objective and together with other illustrative words are used to explain the kind of smoking experience that one might enjoy with a particular variety of tobacco or cigar. So here, we will try to gain some understanding with regard to how one can decipher this vague term that is applied so generously in the cigar business to enlighten us on the term “body” that is thought to be subjective. Nearly all cigar smokers have contrasting opinions regarding the denotation of the term “body” when speaking about expressing a cigar. By and large the term indicates the cigar’s “flavor” and is evaluated in differing degrees, for instance “heavy”, “medium” or “mild”. Sometimes the word “heavy is also known as “full”. Therefore, the expression “body” can additionally be connected to “strength” of any cigar, then again there are quite a few full bodied ones that are thought to be mild-medium in terms of strength. Majority of the cigar smokers are confused as they associate the strength with the extent of bitterness of the taste. But, if the cigar actually tastes bitter, then perhaps the cigar is not good and one must not spend time striving to assess it, as you may not smoke the cigar ever again.

Thus, what actually represents the body then? Let us adhere to the flavor, because it is considerably simpler to explain. And there are scores of ways to express the flavor of a cigar. So, now let us see what some of the flavors of a cigar that are usually available. They are: peppery, caramel, butterscotch, cinnamon, chocolate (milk and dark), fruity (majority of the fruits that are available), cocoa, earthy (pine, oak, cedar, woodsy and others), nutty (all nuts that are available), and also there are other metallic flavors such as iron, lead, copper and other flavors that denote chemicals such as formaldehyde and others. There are also the floral flavors (the different flowers that can depict the flavor). Then, there is leather as well. Another one is alcohol like scotch or bourbon. And last but not the least, there are the beverage flavors like that of coffee and the different kinds of coffee such as French Roast, Columbian, Espresso etc. To decide which flavor you have a liking for, obviously you will not buy boxes of all the flavors mentioned above. It is clearly a waste of money. What you can do is that you can try a sampler in the beginning like the Romeo Y Julieta Cigar Sampler. Then gradually you will learn which flavor you fancy. And after that you can invest your cash in an entire box or bundle. There are a lot of cigar deals that you can search for. All you need to have is an eye for finding a cheapest cigar deal.

I guess this will give a complete insight on the body of the cigar and finally, this makes every one of the cigars unique. The knack of blending cigars has a lot to do with combining different flavors of cigars in order to create a cigar that is full bodied (one that contains many flavors but it is not compulsory that it is strong as well). As a final point, the body of a cigar is flavor and not the strength. And it is flavor that one looks for in Davidoff Cigars or any other cigar, despite the fact if it is mild or strong.