The History Of Camacho Cigars

History Of Camacho Cigars

Let’s Talk About Camacho Cigars

Cigars are one of the favorite choices of those looking for a delightful puff. They are rich and intense in their flavors. Camacho Cigars are known for their intense flavor for which they are known for more than 70 years and are renowned worldwide. These are considered to be one of the premium ranges of cigars, and their image has been incorporated as rough and bold. Are you looking for an insight into Camacho Cigars? If yes, then you are in the right place. Let’s dig up and figure out the background of Camacho Cigars.

How Did It All Begin?

It all started during 1961 when Simon Camacho was expelled from Cuba. After being expelled, he moved to Miami, Florida, wherein he set up his first cigar factory. While moving out from Cuba, Simon Camacho carried some seeds called Corojo Cuban Seeds, which intrigue the Cuban rich flavor that Camacho Cigars have. 

It was because of the exquisite flavor, Camacho Cigars gained name and fame, and today they are renowned worldwide. 

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What Are Corojo Seeds?

Corojo is a variety of tobacco that is used in preparing wrappers of cigars. It originally belongs to Vuelta Abajo, Cuba, but now is grown extensively in Honduras- Jamastran Valley and in the Western Kentucky of USA.

Corojo was initially grown by Diego Rodriguez, wherein he crossed an Indonesian Sumatra with a Mesoamerican Criollo strain and created flavored tobacco.


The Eiroa Family And Camacho Cigars

After 5 years of Camacho’s demise, in the year 1990, the brand Camacho Cigars was nabbed by Julio Eiroa, who shares a history in cultivation and dealing with tobacco. Soon after the company was acquired, its tobacco production plant was shifted from Nicaragua to Honduras.

During the time of the 20th century, Genereso Eiroa, father of Julio Eiroa, was involved in the cultivation of tobacco. Similar to Simon Camacho, the Eiroa family was also Cuban expelled due to the revolution in Cuba due to which they moved to Tampa, Florida, and settled there. Julio even joined the Bays of Pigs to liberate his native place.

During the 1970s, Julio aided Honduran Tobacco Industries to flourish and soon became business partners with Bering Cigars and US Tobacco.


The Davidoff Family And Camacho Cigars

During 2008, Davidoff took over Camacho cigars along with its Dani’s factory named Rancho Jamastran. With Davidoff’s supervision, Bayer CropScience partnered with Camacho and developed agricultural practices. Soon after this, Camacho became the only tobacco industry all around the world, which follows strict environmental standards.

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Camacho Cigar Follows Environmental Standards

Soon after the tie-up with Bayer CropScience, Camacho followed strict rules and regulations and adhered by the standards towards the conservation of not only natural resources but also biosecurity and industrial safety. Along with that, to prevent the land from harmful chemicals, Camacho uses bio-friendly fertilizers and pesticides. This is the reason why Camacho is listed as the only company worldwide, which follows both good agricultural and manufacturing practices.

Camacho is also known for taking good care of their employees and families. The company has certain best HR policies and provides the best environment for work.

Camacho Cigar Ranges

Currently, Camacho is offering four different ranges to its users. These ranges are:

  • Custom Built
  • Master Built Series
  • Brotherhood Series
  • Everyday Bold Smoke

Let’s unfold the entire Camacho Cigar range one on one.

  • Custom Built

This cigar is a 100% pure blend of Corojo. The Camacho blend used in it is Camacho Original Corojo, and Vitolas available are Machito, Robusto, Corono, Toro, Figurado, Gigante, and Churchill. Under Custom Built, Honduran Corojo can be utilized as filler, Binder, and Wrapper.

  • Master Built Series

It features the collection of innovative blends of cigars. It has a complex blend. There are 4 numbers of blends available. These are:

  1. Camacho Diploma
  2. Camacho American Barrel Aged
  3. Camacho Nicaraguan Barrel Aged
  4. Camacho Triple Maduro

Depending upon the blend, each Master Build Series has a different percentage of Corojo. Further, as per the blend, Vitolas is available, but the common one is Robusto, and it is not available with Camacho American Barrel Aged. Filler, Binder, and Wrapper will also differ depending upon the blend the customer is opting for. 

  • Brotherhood Series

For those who impacted Camacho Community, this range described those people and was made in their honor.

  • Everyday Bold Smokes

These are the affordable range of cigars which are handmade and contain Corojo seed.

Enjoy Your Camacho Cigar

So this was all about the world-renowned Camacho Cigars. Our journey started by decoding the fact of how it was discovered and who was the originator of this cigar. Later on, we got to know about what Corojo seeds are and had a brief look over how Camacho Cigars were acquired earlier by the Eiroa family and later on by Davidoff. We also covered how Camacho Cigars follows environmental practices and, lastly, the ranges in which they are currently offered.