The Most Iconic Cigar Smokers

The most iconic cigar smokers

The cigar is a true mark of authority, luxury, and good taste. From the carefully selected leaves to the detailed process of drying and rolling, the cigar is truly an embodiment of art. With such a sophisticated product, it is only right that such great cigars can accompany only the most significant and most important of men.

It takes hard work and discipline to be a man, and it takes more than just a man to be a strong man. In this post, we will be celebrating the icons and champions of the cigar. These personalities have established themselves as icons of the cigar, and are well known to us in our generation.

If you are just starting or you’ve been smoking cigars, we want you to know that you’re not alone. Cigars are known for success and greatness. Over time, successful men and women have enjoyed cigars during their reign and everyday lives.

Who are the cigar icons you should know?

The list is endless; they cut across all strata of society, including politics, business, sports, and entertainment, even in religious circles.

Here are some of the iconic cigar smokers in history.

Andrew Jackson

The 7th American President, Andrew Jackson, was possibly one of the iconic cigar smokers in the white house. He not only enjoyed the smoking of cigar, but he’s also known to pair with coffee for a fantastic time. The president was reportedly told his doctor that smoking cigar and drinking coffee are two things he’s most passionate about. The president is not alone in the act, his wife, Rachel, enjoyed it too. She was seen on the veranda having great moments smoking a cigar.

Fidel Castro

Castro and cigars are inseparable. There is no cigar without Castro – with a cigar by his side since the ’50s, Fidel Castro’s aggression and unique charisma has been made unforgettable by his love of hand-rolled tobacco leaves. Fidel Castro is a living brand ambassador for Cuba, the home of the most exclusive, premium cigars in the world. He is also a proof the cigars exudes authority and power.


Sean Carter, popularly known as Jay-Z, is one of the Godfathers of rap music. He is also a known lover of the leaf and a huge Cuban fan. His preferred cigar brands are Ramon Allones and Montecristo. He also has his own production smoke with Cohiba called the CohibaComador.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan’s legacy doesn’t just stop at basketball and his famous Jordan shoes; he is also a renowned cigar smoker. To blow your mind, he even smoked cigar during the season, and his non-smoking teammates had no problem with it, as cigar didn’t stop him from being the champion he has always been.

Al Pacino

Al Pacino made a name for himself in cigar smoking as Tony Montana in the Godfather. Strong, masculine, and man of his own words, Al Pacino is one of the greatest men in the world today.

J.P Morgan

J.P Morgan was the man who saved the US economy. It would help if you had guessed since he is on this list; he was an avid cigar connoisseur. Although a shy person, he was never afraid to bring out a cigar and show to the world what he could do with a cigar in his hands. His favorite cigars were Cubans, and he also loved the Meridiana Kohinoor.

Sir Winston Churchill

Sir Winston built his political and personal image around his cigar, and he was never shy to show it to the world. He has always been a seasoned cigar smoker since he was a young officer in Cuba. Churchill stockpiled cigars all his life, amassing around 4,000 in his Chartwell home. That’s not all; he also had a special flying suit designed for long haul flights so he could enjoy an in-flight smoke. Cigars always helped him stay calm during crises.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the greatest men in the world. As a bodybuilder, movie star, or as a Governor, Arnold broke all barriers and got what he wanted from life. He is among the most visible proponents of the cigar.

Why Do These Icons Smoke Cigar?

One of the main reasons for smoking a cigar is for relaxation. Not beats relaxation, but that’s just one reason.

Let’s look at some other reasons why people smoke.

  • Cigar smoking supplies the body with nicotine (a chemical relaxant). An average cigar contains 100 to 200mg of nicotine, compared with 10mg for the ordinary cigarette. You would have to smoke about 20 cigarettes to get the same amount of relaxation as one cigar.
  • Cigars taste very good compared to cigarettes. The flavor of cigars have so much subtleness, similar to spirits, coffee or wine, and being able to detect these subtle difference is very refreshing.
  • Cigars can take anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours to smoke, depending on the size. It can be used to while away time or get away from a stressful lifestyle while you enjoy your favorite anything.
  • Some cigar smokers only smoke on special occasions or as a reward for personal success. Maybe you want to use it as an addition or alternative to scotch or a glass of champagne. This pairing goes a long way in showing the connection between success and smoking cigars; the smoker is always reminded of good times whenever they light up their cigar.
  • There’s nothing like smoking a cigar after an exhausting day. It gives you this soothing feeling that you can’t compare.

Follow up on Educating Content on Windy City Cigar

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Our mandate is not only to sell smoke; we are here to educate you about smoking. If you follow the history of iconic smokers, you will discover they are individuals of note in their calling. We believe that you can live in wholesome health if you follow the best smoking practice, and we ensure you get the tool for safe smoking.

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