The Nature of your Cigar

Instructions to tell if your cigar is of the most noteworthy quality? Check the ashtray—the cinders abandoned can say a lot about the nature of your cigar. Here a couple of basic tips to deciding the nature of your cigar.

To begin with, note how quick your cigar smolders. A cigar that appears to blaze too rapidly or arranges fiery remains that break separated effectively is most likely a lower quality cigar. In the event that the fiery debris appear to be excessively untidy, and don’t break separated together, this may additionally demonstrate a lower quality cigar. Likewise, check the color of the powder. On the off chance that the fiery debris color appears to change, the tobacco leaf blend may be of poorer quality.

The most elevated quality cigars, those that are generally stuffed, will blaze gradually and smolder solid powder. The ‘hardened powder’ can stay in place up to two to three inches in length, and stay on the cigar without breaking separated. An amazing cigar can be torched to the stub. Indeed astounding cigars may differ in taste, particularly when they are smoked down to the stub. Ordinarily, you can generally get ‘blaze past’ these sharp spots by letting the cigar smolder all alone’s for a couple of minute.