The Unholy Bond of Cigars and Liquor

The Unholy Bond of Cigars and Liquor

If you are conversant with cigar enthusiasts, you must have noticed cigar and liquor pairing. You may be wondering if there is an unwritten law-making cigar and drinks a match. The bond between cigars and liquor has a long history, and instead of finding out why, I think the question to ask is how to have a good match of alcohol with your cigar.

Combining cigar with good liquor takes the knowledge and understanding of the rules that guide drinks in the social space. The type of drink you have and cigar you smoke says a lot about you and your status. If you are an experienced cigar smoker, it is possible to know the best cigar for you without introduction; similarly, choosing your drink would be a breezy as you are already well familiar with different types of beverages.

However, if you are new to cigar and liquor, how do you make your match for the best experience and respect?

Why combining cigar and liquor?

Like the food, each ingredient serves a useful purpose in the menu. Liquor being carbonated beverages help to cleanse and refresh the smoker’s palate because of its crisp and effervescent nature. Although some smokers find drinking beer and other liquor bad for their taste bud, many are okay smoking and drinking.

As a rule of the thumb, cigars connoisseurs recommend choosing the cigar and liquor color as a natural ally. This means brandy would bond with dark-colored cigar wrapper for the best taste. 

If you want a great combination of cigar and liquor, here are some ideas for you.

Te-Amo Relaxation Natural Cigars and & Porter

Porter is similar to stout, but it has a rich, well-rounded texture, but has a lighter flavor because of the malted barley in it. The more approachable compelling character of a porter blends well with the renowned La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor, a cigar well known for its rich profile. Mi Amor Cigar is a perfect blend of dark cocoa, spices, almonds, black pepper, and black cherries that match perfectly with the coffee-like nuances of the brew.

Arturo Fuente Exquisito Natural Cigar & Barleywine

Barleywine beer comes with a blast of energy with a high ABV of 8%-15%. It is packed with fruit flavors or strong hops, and we couldn’t agree more than it deserves a cigar of equal energy. The Fuente Fuente Opus X is the cigar we all want. It is a blend of cedar, figs, spices, and oak with a clear finish. Its rich taste makes it a great partner for barley wine when you are in the mood to have a blast. 

Romeo y Julieta 1875 & Belgian Beer

Belgian beers (ales) are rich in taste, with heavy details on malts and fruity notes of yeast. They are very low in bitterness and flavored with orange peel extracts and coriander. The best cigar to match with this Beer is the Romeo y Julieta 1875 thanks to its mild-bodied finish, accentuated the blend of toasted nuts, peppers, and coffee. Taking both profiles gives you a malty and nutty richness that satisfies without lingering.

Ashton VSG & Amber

Amber liquor is pale ale fermented with amber malt to get its signature color of light copper to light brown. If you want an excellent match for an amber beer, the Ashton VSG is your best bet. It comes in a toasted malty taste which welcomes the bold, earthy profile of VSG. It is also packed with cedar and spices with a raisin-like sweetness. An amber beer supports the cigar’s robust taste without interrupting it. The dark, shining Ecuador Sumatra wrapper leaf on Aston VSG creates a striking visual contrast next to the gleaming hue the amber displays in a cold glass.

Montecristo & Pilsner

Pilsner is one of the most popular beers in the world. It is a spicier lager that comes in a light color, with robust and hoppy flavor. Montecristo cigars have a mild, sweet, and somewhat grassy taste, which is the perfect accompaniment to the Pilsner because of its spicy taste. The cigar’s Connecticut Shade wrapper accentuates the lager’s spicy flavor with a silky feeling that satisfies without overwhelming. 

Perfect Scotch and Cigar Pairings

When it comes to scotch and cigar pairing, the number one rule is to match the body of the smoke with the body of the drink. Robust cigars tend to pair best with strong whiskeys. Lighter cigars pair well with milder whiskeys. 

Some spirits are perfect for cigar pairing, but they’re all brown. Any fine brandies might do the job. Any whiskey is fine; scotch is great. Rum can be useful but has its downside. If you are into wine, choose something with plenty of structure like vermouth or port. Gin and Vodka aren’t much of a match, not like they are bad, but you should not expect much.  

These four liquors take liquor and cigar pairing to a whole new level.


Image result for bourbon"Bourbon changes the cigar game completely; it brings sweetness to the leather and dark toast of stronger cigars. Milder cigars can pair with all but the strongest of bourbons because of their rich barrel notes. 

Canadian whiskey

Image result for canadian whiskey"

Since Canadian whiskey is so smooth, it makes a great with mild cigars that won’t overshadow its delicate charms. Cigars with compelling character tend to see those characteristics come to life from the Canadian whiskey’s vanillin. Spicier Canadians whiskeys will benefit from nutty notes in a cigar.

Irish whiskey

Image result for irish whiskey"

Irish whiskeys are similar to Canadian whiskey because of its smoothness. The whiskey will pair well with cigars that have a fruity flavor. Irish whiskey goes well with coffee, so you might want to consider a smoke with a java note.


Image result for brandy"

Brandy and Cigars have been together through the test of time. Brandy and Cigars are perfect pairs, always and forever. 

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If you have questions on pairing your favorite cigar and liquor for heavenly satisfaction, feel free to ask us. We have the best stock of exquisite cigars you will find exceptionally tasty. A great combination of alcohol can make a lot of difference!