Five Great Tasting Flavors of Pipe Tobacco

Five Great Tasting Flavors of Pipe Tobacco
Each of these pipe tobacco flavors has been tasted and tested: smoked, rolled, mixed, and sniffed by one of our hard-working tobacconists, reflecting the right product that’s aggressively priced for the pipe-smoking connoisseur. Let’s start with a classic from Henrik Halberg, the master blender who happens to be a 4th generation owner of Marc Beren Tobacco products. This classic tasting best tobacco for pipes stands out for these reasons:
  • Each pipe tobacco blend has five unique tobacco flavors hand-selected, giving you a great tasting flavor.
  • All blends have a portion of pressed tobacco and loose cut varieties, making it easy to fill your pipe, and ensuring a slow, even burn.
  • The flavor is good, with a somewhat sweet and fruity taste and no bite on the tongue.
Another Marc Beren Tobacco product you should consider is the Original Choice 100g. It’s a pleasing aromatic blend with a taste of blackberry and tobacco that doesn’t overwhelm the smoker and with delightful room notes. It burns clean every time, with no bit whatsoever. If you like a fruity aromatic blend, try this out. Another great product is the Larsen Signature Vintage Mixture 100g hales from Denmark. It’s a great-tasting blend of Danish with natural Virginia tobacco, using broad-cut leaves that ensure a great taste and a good burn.
  • The Burley tobaccos have been compressed into cakes, then matured for great seasoning, and then sliced and rubbed out. This is excellent pipe tobacco with an added touch of sweetness that gives it a more refined mellow taste.
The Cornell and Diehl Autumn Evening is a two-ounce tin of goodness that is a great all-around smoke. This has always been a favorite for any pipe smoker, utilizing a proprietary Red Virginia Cavendish with a pleasing maple flavor that tastes great and leaves a pleasant aroma in any room. If you are looking for a mild flavor, then check out Blue Note by Dan Tobacco; it’s great-tasting pipe tobacco comprising golden Virginians and Black Cavendish, giving you a one-of-a-kind fresh smoke that has a hint of bourbon and exotic fruits. The room notes are pleasant, too, somewhat similar to that fresh bakery smell we all love.

Pipe Tobacco Basics you Should Know

Virginia is the source of most pipe tobacco: just under 70% of all pipe tobacco grown in the U.S. hails from Virginia; this pipe tobacco typically has a somewhat delicate fruit-like flavor with an overall sweetness. And most aromatic and flavored blends have Virginia tobacco in them. Burley tobacco comes in a distant second to VA tobacco. Burley means “air cured” – the curing is done in large open barns, ensuring good airflow over the tobacco, aged 1-3 months. Most burley has a color that ranges from light brown to much darker mahogany. When/as the burley is smoked, it will start with a mild, mellow taste with some nutty hints, producing an end note of richness with hints of caramel, oatmeal, or even granola. Spice tobacco is prevalent, and it is not just single tobacco. It’s a mixture or blends of multiple types of pipe tobacco, and it’s widespread in more exotic blends of pipe tobacco. Cavendish is not a reference to a type of tobacco but a curing process and a method of cutting tobacco leaves; the process is used to enhance the natural sweetness and characteristics of most Virginia tobacco leaves. This post is far from a deep dive into pipe tobacco; we wanted to recommend a few choice blends and end with a few basics about the product and manufacturing processes. How to Refine and Customize Pipe Tobacco at Home
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