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Gambler Tobacco

With Gambler Pipe Tobacco, you know you’re getting the lowest prices possible with no compromise on quality. Simply put, they offer the lowest pipe tobacco prices while still maintaining a high-quality product with a variety of pipe tobacco flavors.

Windy City Cigars takes Gambler Pipe Tobacco’s already low prices and makes them even lower by offering you wholesale prices at our premium Tobacco shop.

Gambler Pipe Tobacco Flavors

Through Windy City Cigars’ online pipe tobacco shop, you have easy access to all of Gambler’s pipe tobacco flavors. They offer four distinct flavors to satisfy any of your cravings. Whether you’re packing your favorite pipe or rolling your own cigarettes, Gambler Pipe Tobacco has you covered. Their flavors include: Gambler Regular Pipe Tobacco: just good-tasting middle-of-the-road pipe tobacco.

  • Gambler Mellow Tobacco: a bit of a smoother tasting blend than Regular but not quite as silky smooth as Silver.
  • Gambler Silver Pipe Tobacco: Gambler’s smoothest blend, on par with pipe tobacco from much more expensive brands.
  • Gambler Mint Tobacco: this tobacco has a slight taste of mint, and won’t overpower you but enough to give you a minty taste. It’s considered one of the best-flavored pipe tobacco by many smokers.

    On top of these four best-sellers, they also offer Turkish pipe tobacco for anyone looking for a mild yet aromatic blend. With Gambler Pipe Tobacco, you’re always receiving top-quality tobacco products at the lowest prices possible.

    Why Choose Gambler Pipe Tobacco?

    Aside from offering you premium quality tobacco at the lowest prices available, Gambler Pipe Tobacco is almost guaranteed to impress. With over 100 pipe tobacco reviews of their products on our site alone, you can rest assured you will enjoy the flavor and smoke regardless of which flavor you prefer.

    This massive amount of reviews from real customers shows just how many people choose Gambler when they buy pipe tobacco.

    Each of their 1 lb bags of premium tobacco comes in a re-sealable Fresh-Loc bag to ensure each time you use their pipe tobacco it’s as fresh as the day you bought it. This same Fresh-Loc bag helps ensure that when you buy pipe tobacco online, it arrives fresh as though you had hand-selected your tobacco directly from Gambler.

    On top of their Fresh-Loc bag, Windy City Cigars is in a premium location within the Midwest allowing most of our customers to receive their orders within 24-48 hours.
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