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Golden Harvest Pipe Tobacco 1lb

Golden Harvest YELLOW Pipe Tobacco – 16oz Bag

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Golden Harvest Pipe Tobacco 1lb

Golden Harvest Tobacco brings you the highest quality Virginia tobacco at the lowest pipe tobacco price. Their quality quickly became unmatched for their perfectly flue-cured Virginia tobacco and exotic blends of Burley and Oriental (classic English) tobaccos. This gives Golden Harvest pipe tobacco a robust and smooth flavor for all its blends paired with some of the highest-quality tobacco leaves available on the market.

All around, Golden Harvest Tobacco provides extremely high-quality products sourced in the USA at surprisingly affordable prices.

Golden Harvest Pipe Tobacco Flavors

With Golden Harvest’s unique blends of Burley and Oriental tobaccos, they offer five distinct pipe tobacco flavors suitable for even the pickiest of smokers. Windy City Cigars is always stocked with all five flavors so you can choose your preference and conveniently buy pipe tobacco online. These flavors include Blue (Mild or light), Robust (Strong or Full Flavor), Natural (No additives added), Silver (Ultra Light), and Mint.

Blue Flavor

With a mild, medium-bodied flavor, the Blue flavored pipe tobacco is perfect for smokers who enjoy a smooth smoke without the unpleasant aftertaste of stronger tobacco. Customers compare this blend to leading brands of factory cigarettes for its excellent taste and its fine-cut ribbons. While it is not as strong as their other blends, the Blue blend is still packed with flavor that you’ll feel in every drag.

Robust Flavor

Opposite Golden Harvest’s Blue blend is their Robust blend. Every drag of this blend packs a serious punch of flavor making it perfect for the veteran smoker who’s looking for something a bit more powerful. A full, rich, strong, and bold flavor you get it all in this blend. Made with premium tobacco blendsIt’s certain to get your attention whenever you spark up a hand-rolled cigarette or your favorite pipe.

Natural Flavor

Their Natural or Yellow flavor is a classic blend still packed with flavor but will compare to more standard tobacco blends. Made from select Burley, choice Virginia produces a full-bodied smoke. This pipe tobacco blend has a natural taste and hearty tobacco kick. Enjoy this all-natural nonaromatic tobacco blend full of flavor.

Silver Flavor

The Silver blend aims to provide the smoothest smoking experience imaginable without overpowering your taste buds. Its subtle flavors and smooth smoke make it perfect for those just starting out in the roll-your-own cigarette world. Smokers can now experience a perfect balance of strength and flavor with each puff. This premium blend of tobacco is carefully crafted to provide an unforgettable smoking experience, making it a favorite among pipe enthusiasts.

Mint Flavor

Are you searching for minty tobacco to help you relax? Look no further than Golden Harvest mint pipe tobacco. This popular brand has been around for decades, offering a classic and consistent flavor that will satisfy even the most experienced smoker. Not only is the flavor incredibly refreshing, but it's also incredibly affordable, making it a great choice for those looking to indulge in minty tobacco without breaking the bank. For their Mint flavor, Golden Harvest provides a natural mint flavor in the blend for a completely non-adultered mint blend any mint lovers will immediately fall in love with.

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