How rolling your own tobacco will save you a lot of money monthly

How to save money on cigarettes

Prices of major commodities are increasing, and your favorite cigarette is not spared. The impact of price increases on smoke can be multidimensional, and the best thing is RYO to save money.

Imagine an increase from $3 to $8 when your earnings have remained constant. For a smoker burning two packs of cigarettes daily, $150 extra bucks a month could go into other essential needs. Annually, you will need to cough out $1800 to maintain your lifestyle.

A nonsmoker won’t see the relevance of this price increase and any analysis being advanced here, but it means a lot for us smokers. While it doesn’t help to whine over spilled milk, we can at least find a plausible solution to smoke without breaking the bank.

This discussion is about how you can maintain your lifestyle and save money to cater to other essential things in your life. If it sounds like a deal, let’s dive right in to discuss the solution.

The solution

Windy city cigar is always interested in how smokers can have the best life. We are happy to support you with relevant information and products that can help you remain satisfied. The solution to saving more money while you smoke is the Roll Your Smoke idea. The following paragraphs will be dedicated to showing you how.

The tools you need to roll your smoke

Rolling your own cigarettes can be fun and exciting. But to roll successfully, you need the following items:

  • Rolling machine. This is a device used to make cigarettes at home. You can buy manual or electronic rolling machines depending on your style, level of smoking, and quantity.
  • Rolling paper. Rolling paper is a soft paper material similar to the paper used for wrapping branded cigarettes.
  • Ryo tobacco. The substance is wrapped in branded cigarette that is smoked.
  • Cigarette casing. This is a storage casing to keep excess smokes after you roll to smoke later.

Lets’ elaborate on each of the items further; shall we?

A roller is a simple device, a handy gadget designed to roll cigarettes. Like any machine, the purpose is to make the process of rolling your cigarette faster, smarter, and neater. Before the first machine was made, smokers use bare hands to wrap. At that time, anything can go wrong with your smoke, and mostly it wasn’t very hygienic to make a smoke.

There are different types of rolling machines: injector, thumb roller, and electronic roller. The injector and thumb rollers are also called manual RYO machines, which operate without electricity. On the other hand, we have an automatic or electronic rolling device that is faster and produces many clouds of smoke. The rolling machine can cost from $1.99 up to $299.00.

These are unique papers used to roll smoke; they are in plain, flat, and empty tube types. The type of paper used will depend on the type of rolling machine. Like cigarettes, you will find rolling paper in a variety of brands and packages, and sizes. The regular type of rolling paper is packed in 50 leaves with sizes of 1-1/4 and costs from $0.99 up to $41.00 in different brands.

Tobacco comes in different brands, flavors, sizes, and quality, similar to branded cigarettes. Pipe tobaccos are packaged in ounces from 1oz to 12oz and cost from $6.99 to $58.00 according to brand and size. It is estimated that you can make up to 200 cigarettes from a 6oz pack of RYO tobacco, which is equivalent to a carton of branded pre-rolled cigarettes.

  • Casing (optional)

The choice of a case is optional, although recommended for quality assurance purposes. What is the advantage of RYO tobacco only becoming unusable because it went flat? Therefore, the casing may be optional; I recommend you own a quality casing to prevent your smoke from going bad to waste your hard-earned money. Casing, just as other tools discussed above, comes in different quality brands and sizes and costs from $1.99 to $55.00 depending on the make and quality.

What you can save when you roll

Since February 2020, cigarette manufacturers have jacked up pack prices of cigarettes by 8 cents. For smokers, the cost increase means more VAT on cigarette consumption and other hidden value-added costs. As a smoker, the implication for you is that you have to pay more while your income probably hasn’t increased to meet the added financial strain on your purse.

The solution is to roll your smoke and save more. If you think this to be the next line of action to continue your lifestyle, you are not alone. Lots of smokers now opt to do the work themselves by rolling cigarettes. The reason for rolling your own smoke is to save significantly and avoid being taxed differently.

The amount you will save in monetary terms and other hidden benefits of rolling your own smoke will depend on you, your frequency of smoking, and your expenses on smoke.

Check our store to see different brands of RYO tobacco. For instance, 25gms (1oz) of RYO tobacco will produce about 50 cigarettes, depending on the size you make. In comparison, a pack (20 cigarettes) of Marlboro in the US is sold for upward of $18, while 6oz RYO tobaccos cost $7.99You do the math and see what you will be saving by rolling your own tobacco!

Let windy city cigar get you started

You will need to decide on the RYO tools to get started with rolling your own cigarettes. After you acquired the necessary tools to roll, you can start rolling at your pleasure and enjoy your smoke while saving yourself some hard-earned cash.

You can maintain your lifestyle without robbing the bank

You can continue smoking without falling prey to the sharp increase in price. Well, it is not out of place to want to buy branded smokes, but what difference does it make when the quality and satisfaction are the same?

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