Is Powermatic 4 the Best Cigarette Rolling Machine?

Is Powermatic 4 the Best Cigarette Rolling Machine

I’m going to let you answer this question for yourself by giving you all the information you need to know about the Powermatic 4 electric cigarette rolling injector machine.

As the prices of cigarettes stay continually on the rise, many smokers are searching for ways to save on their cigarette purchases, and means such as investing in the best cigarette rolling and injecting machines have been discovered. Investment in good equipment for roll-your-own cigarettes will help you save a lot of money in the long run. A tobacco injector also offers you the benefit of trying out different blends and flavors more inexpensively and flexibly until you find your own personal favorites.

So first of all, what are the things that you need to look out for when buying a new cigarette injector machine?

It is considerably easy to use a cigarette rolling or loading machine but to get the best out of your machine, you need to choose the right one. Thus, below is a short breakdown of the various types of cigarette rolling machines, and then a mini checklist of items you need to consider when purchasing a rolling machine.

Types of Cigarette Rolling Machines

Rolling machines differ in working mechanisms, and one might suit your taste better than another, all depending on your preferences. The types include:

1. Injectors:

Best Cigarette Injector

these are the most efficient and labor-saving rolling machines you will find, and they are made to fill up a cigarette stick with ease.


2. Thumb Rollers

Top Cigarette Thumb Roller

The thumb rollers come in very basic, easy-to-use models. They are manual rollers, and they give you control over your cigarette sizes and allow room for experimentation. However, for machines, hardly save you any time, and there is the risk of ruining your cigarette so using them might require you to develop a bit of skill.


3. Electronic Rollers: These rolling machines are powered by electricity and are also similar to what you might find in some cigarette factories. They are a tad pricey but their efficiency, speed, and consistency in size and density of cigarettes are guaranteed.

Best Electronic Cigarette Roller

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Cigarette Rolling Machine.

1. How often you smoke: If you are a light smoker, a small rolling machine will suit your needs, but if you are a frequent smoker, a medium to a large rolling machine that will withstand constant use without giving up in a short period is the best recommendation for you. Also, rolling machines that often leave messes are not suitable for heavy smokers as you are more likely to get stuck with a large cleanup load after every use.

2. The size of your cigarettes: Most cigarette rolling machines roll the standard size of cigarettes, but there are slightly more expensive rolling machines that roll more than one size. The latter is more ideal as they give you the flexibility that you need when rolling with friends.

3. Electric or Manual: The biggest advantage of manual rolling machines is the facilities they provide for you to fill longer cigarettes consistently and faster. Additionally, they are very portable as they do not require you to carry around an electric plug.

Electric rolling machines, on the other hand, are less messy than manual machines and, generally, are better at filling cigarettes with minimal errors so you do not have to worry about botched cigarettes.

4. Build: If your machine is constructed using metal, it will more likely last longer than a machine made of plastic. Either way, whatever material construction you opt for, it is always prudent to take care of the machine and clean it regularly to ensure it lasts for your use.

The Powermatic 4.

Powermatic 4 Cigarette Roller

The Powermatic 4 is an electric cigarette injector. It is the newest addition to the impressive Powermatic series of cigarette loading machines. It serves as a quicker alternative and more precise method to standard rolling machines that produce cigarettes. It uses the method of injecting tobacco into a pre-rolled cigarette tube and it always provides high-quality smokes!

It features a titanium-plated compressor with impressive CNC technology and a high-precision aluminum alloy frame for the smoothest injection possible. This makes it extremely durable, and fast and helps to eliminate any jam-ups which usually occur with typical cigarette injector machines.

Here are the pros that come with the new Powermatic 4 in detail:

1. Aluminum frame: The Powermatic 4 has an aluminum frame and spoon track that enables the smooth injection of tobacco into the tubes.

2. High precision: It has a high precision cutter for a better compression result.

3. The hopper: Its clear hopper enables it to hold more tobacco so that you can create more cigarettes faster and easier, unlike the Powermatic 2 where you have to keep replacing the tobacco into the slit to create a new cigarette. The hopper is also removable so that you can safely store it away when not in use.

4. King & 100s: The machine can work with both 84mm king-sized and 100mm cigarette tubes.

King and 100's Cigarette Roller














5. Simplicity: It is very safe and easy to use so feel free to use it at home.

6. Lightweight: The Powermatic 4 is just as lightweight as the Powermatic 2 and just as durable.

7: Small size: It is much smaller than the Powermatic 3, making it more portable.

8: Maintenance tools: It includes a collection of useful tools for cleaning and maintenance, such as 2 cleaning brushes and an American electric plug. The brushes, for instance, can be used to easily clean out the machine if it gets jammed although the machine does have electronic jam protection.

9. Clear instructions: The machine comes with clear and simple instructions that you should read before using it. The instructions explain how to fill both the King tubes and the 100s.

10. Warranty: It includes a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. All you have to do is call Powermatic on the number which is included on the paperwork that comes with the machine. The manufacturers give standby warranty without a doubt.

Powermatic 4 Roller


How to Use the Powermatic 4.

The process of loading a cigarette using the Powermatic 4 is super simple and here’s a step-by-step outline of how to do it.

1. Grab a pinch of tobacco.

2. Place it in the hopper.

3. Lift the handle that opens up the loading chamber at the bottom.

4. Lightly compress the tobacco into the loading chamber.

5. Load the cigarette tube of your choice into the slot conduit at the side.

6. Lower the handle and let the machine do its magic.

7. And there you have it. A perfectly loaded cigarette ready for lighting!

Tabular Comparison between the Powermatic 2, Powermatic 3, and Powermatic 2.




Powermatic 4, using its detachable hopper, can hold enough tobacco to load up to 20 cigarettes at a go.

Powermatic 3’s hopper can hold enough tobacco to fill 30 cigarette tubes at a go.

Powermatic 2 can only produce one cigarette at a time.

A sturdy aluminum frame and spoon track make for the smoothest injection.

It has stronger gears and automated internal parts that make for smooth injection.

It performs with increased motor speed and improved gear quality compared to machines older than it.

It has a high-precision cutter to enable the production of perfect cigarettes.

The cigarette counter and desired cigarette density are shown on a digital display.

It is most suitable for making perfect cigarettes with loosely packed tobacco.

It has electronic jam protection.

It has electronic jam protection.

It was designed to have fewer jams than the versions before it.

It operates with a handle.

It operates with a button.

It operates with a handle.

It is the smallest in size and portable too.

It is larger in size.

It is small in size.

It is the lightest of all three (weighs 2 pounds).

It is heavy (weighs 7 pounds)

It is lightweight (weighs 2.25 pounds).

It has a very sleek and sturdy body.

It is very sturdy.

It is very sturdy.

It retails at $89.99

It retails at $299.

It retails at $85.

It saves you a lot of time.

It saves you a lot of time.

It may be faster than hand-rolling but it does not save as much time as the other two.

It takes up little space.

It takes up a lot of space.

It takes up little space.


Having your own injector poses numerous benefits such as saving you money and giving you the option of rolling your tobacco and herbs according to your preferences. With the best cigarette injector, it is easy to have your cigarette whichever way you like it. What you need to do is to pick a model that will address all your cigarette rolling needs.

Whether you are new to the roll-your-own game or have some experience with rolling and injecting machines, once you try out the Powermatic 4, you are not going to want to look back at the Powermatic 3 or the Powermatic 2. So what do you think? Is the Powermatic 4 the best?