How to Store a Cigar Lighter

Most lighters, including the ones used for lighting pipes and cigars, come with a series of accessories that were especially developed to make the lighting experience a more pleasant one. Nevertheless, such lighters often come at a price that is far from being affordable.

Both torch lighters that work with butane and those that are filled with liquid fuel are available with various attachments that appeal to unique kinds of smokers. To ensure the proper functionality of a particular lighter and its special attachments, one must take into consideration the aspect of storing the lighter properly, when it is not used for an extended period of time.

Certain accessories, which were designed to this end, have been created to protect lighters from any kind of damage, while in storage. These accessories are also quite affordable and easy to find.

Due to a constantly growing demand for a lighter that is effective in harsh, outdoor conditions, the cigar lighter has emerge. This type of lighter usually comes with accents and finishes that are less refined or complex. Most of them present a resilient chrome finish that is characteristic to refillable lighters that work with liquid fuels.

When they are taken outdoors, cigar lighters require minimum care and attention. One of the things you need to be careful about is not to expose them to moisture. Nevertheless, even wet, these lighters will still work, but prolonged and repeated exposure to moisture will start to show in the form of corrosion. In order to avoid the risk of fouling the jet and ignition mechanisms, these lighters are also to be kept away from debris and dirt.

Torch lighters that work with butane are meant to be used in a more comfortable environment, which is why they require a little more attention. In spite of being built for durability, like the above-mentioned cigar lighters, butane torch lighters come with more fragile accents and finishes, which are more likely to suffer from serious damage, if not handled with proper care.

To avoid this, some manufacturers offer these lighters with an especially designed carrying case. It is indicated to keep the lighter in its case when carrying it around in one?s pockets. The case will protect the lighter from scratches and damages that could be caused by any other objects that are in the same pocket.

If long-term storage is the case, it is recommended to be careful not to keep the lighter in a moist place; other sources of corrosion are also to be avoided. Refillable lighters must also be kept at a distance from harsh chemicals, such as solvents.

Generally speaking, fishing tackle boxes and toolboxes are the most common places where many high-quality end up and this is how they get exposed to various elements that cause damage. It should be known that lighters that work with liquid fuels have a tendency of drying out after a given time.

As a final recommendation, make sure that the reservoir is filled prior to venturing on any kind of journey, regardless of its destination. A full reservoir ensures the functionality of the lighter.

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