Top Torch Lighters to own in 2021

Top Torch Lighters to own in 2020


A cigar smoker that has no torch lighter is just like a banker without a computer. It is true you could use a match to light cigars, but why would you go through such stress? The choice of torch lighters in the world of the cigar is endless because there are different models of lighters to choose from. Just like you would not like to eat just anywhere, if you are a smoker, you don’t want to use just any lighter to light your cigar.

If you’ve learned to light a cigar properly, then you may want to buy the best lighter that won’t disappoint when you need it. You might be after a certain torch lighter, but selecting the best might be difficult because of different types of torch lighters that are on the market.

If you are looking for the best lighter that befits your status, we’ve got you covered in this guide. You must have known by now that some lighters a perfect for a particular environment than others. For example, you could select from small and sleek portable lighters to heavy table top ones.

Also, lighters can vary in their price tag and quality, making cigar many smokers to be reluctant to pay big for a lighter that might not worth it in the end. You might even be after a deal but don’t want the one that can break within weeks.

So, how do you get the perfect, quality lighter that will work every time? One thing you should note is that the most expensive torch lighter is not necessarily the best; even Bentleys and Ferraris also run into mechanical issues. Let’s face it; it is important to find the lighter you can trust. Although the price of a lighter matters, features look to play a major role in choosing the best. From the look and feel to the number of flames, to a cigar punch, fuel gauge window, divot tool or golf ball marker, our buying decision mostly based on preference. We assume the lighter should be perfect because of how much we paid or its brand name.

Fortunately, this guide will help you to select the perfect cigar lighter that match your budget and requirements.

Mossy Oak Torch Lighters

Mossy Oak Torch Lighters are great cigar lighters that feature safety lock and a single burner. They are available in different finishes and colors. Mossy lighters are leakproof, childproof, windproof and feature a 100 percent adjustable flame. The products are refillable and burn butane exclusively. So if you are looking for a perfect and refillable torch lighter, Mossy Oak is ideal for you. Of course, it also looks beautiful.

Eagle torch lighters


Eagle lighters are the lighters of all other lighters. They will torch anything that comes in contact with their flames. In a blink of an eye, the Eagle will be generating and controlling all of your lighter abilities. The frosted fuel tank will let you see the level of the lighter’s fluid in order to know when to refill it. These Eagle products are perfect when it comes to lighting your cigar because of their perfectly distributed lockable torch flame. You can easily light your cigar with the push of a button. The Eagles lighter is great, yet affordable.

Blink Torch Lighters

blink torch lighter

If you are looking for a refillable high-powered torch lighter to light your cigar, Blink Torch will impress you. It has a wide base and its flame won’t tip easily. It offers variable butane setting to give you the control over the flame. With this torch, you also have a continuous button for extended use. It is a great torch lighter you can get at an affordable price and you can select the color you like.

Emoji Torch lighter

Emoji Torch lighter

You can now enjoy a handy, refillable, reliable and the finest yet affordable, ideal torch lighter that even serve more than the cigar lightning purpose. Blue Emoji lighter has an excellent design and construction. It also provides an extremely high-temperature flame which you can easily adjust. Aside from its refillable feature, it is also windproof and comes with a free butane can. It is perfect for you and will not break easily.

Zico Electronic lighter


If you don’t like butane lighters, then this Zico electronic lighter is perfect for you. With this USB rechargeable windproof lighter, you don’t need to refill with butane or oil. When it is not giving you the light, you only need to connect your USB to your computer or any USB port you can use to charge it and boom; the light will be back. This lighter is fashionable, unique and when you take it out to light your cigar, your mate will be jealous because of its quality. In its pack, you will find a USB, the lighter and a gift box. Just open the lid and shake to turn it on.

Colibri Torch  Jet Flame Cigar lighter


This lighters hits every positive note. It serves different purposes. Whether you want to heat things up at home or you are out on-the-go lightning your cigar in strong winds, you can light with confidence with this ergonomic, modern torch lighter. It features a slide-switch and textured grip for easy and fast use. It also has a cigar hole punch for your favorite cigar, as well as a powerful, triple jet flame torch. With this butane refillable and adjustable flame lighter, you can conquer strong winds stylishly.

What next?

Now that you are familiar with the best lighters you can choose from; it is time to get the best torch lighter and light your cigar stylishly. Whether the wind is strong or not, you can light your cigar without stress.