Live Large with these Six RYO Tobacco Products

Top-O-Matic machine

Our short list of five great RYO tobacco products selected from the 2,500 plus products we carry and ten years in business as the web’s loose tobacco super store. 

Your rolling your own smokes and you want to carry either 100’s or King Size cigarettes in style. Take a peak at our Metal Cigarette Cases. These metal cigarette cases are economical (under ten bucks) will keep your cigarettes fresh, protect them and you look stylish pulling out one of these cigarette cases too.

No cigar smoker should ever fire up a premium cigar unless they are using a Zippo lighter and if you just smoke RYO tobacco cigarettes you should carry the always without fail most dependable lighter in the world, Zippo! We carry a full line of Zippo lighters and cases and our prices on Zippo lighters are the best in the world. And, if we don’t have the model of Zippo you are looking for just give us a call and we will track your lighter down for you.

If you are smoking more than 5-10 RYO tobacco cigarettes per day then you are probably spending to much time rolling cigarettes. The PoweRoll Electric Cigarette Machine by Top-O-Matic is the “go to” best cigarette machine on the market today.; but only if you are making King Size Cigarettes. We should know, we’ve sold thousands of manual and electric cigarette machines the last ten plus years. 

  • This machine is feature rich: tobacco loads well, it has a jam indicator light to tell you if you have a problem, it’s easy to clean, uses spoon fed injection, includes a durable heavy plastic case, adheres well to just about any surface you want to operate the machine on. 

Looking for great tasting but economical pipe tobacco?? Check out Daughters and Ryan super value pipe tobacco – it’s available in three great tasting flavors: Red, Blue and Green, each pipe tobacco blend comes in 16oz re-sealable bags and your buying a product from one of the top tobacco firms in the world.

  • Their cigars have won just about every award in the book and their attention to detail in tobacco selection and every facet of manufacturing helps to ensure their RYO pipe tobacco product’s is on one of the best in the world.

You want to smoke a great tasting cigar but aren’t prepared to pay $3-7 per cigar but want something that tastes great! AyC Grenadier Cigars (formal name is Antonio y Cleopatra) make a great tasting machine made cigar that rivals premium cigars sold for $5-10 per cigar. You can get these great tasting cigars in a number of great tasting blends: AyC Grenadier Dark, AyC Grenadier Light, AyC Grenadier Whiffs. 

  • You can get a pack of these machine madd cigar beauties from $30-60 (approx) and you’ll be pleased with your purchase – these machine made cigars are some of the best “cigars” (premium or machine made) in the world. 

While we are on the topic of machine made cigars we want to recommend another great tasting, unique one of a kind tasting pack of machine made cigars. Black and Mild Wine Cigars are a unique tasting machine made cigar with notes of a fine Napa County Wine or Bordeaux if your taste lean more towards France for your table wines. 

  • And, you can get these fine machine made cigars in a ten pack of five cigars for under $50 bucks. High value and great taste in a box of five machine made cigars.

We know as a consumer you have lots of choices when/as you purchase products. We hope our excellence in customer service (read the reviews here on our site or Facebook) resonates with you and our inventory of over 2,500 products, which is always growing. 

And, a word about our prices, our everyday prices are typically much better than most of our competitor’s “sale prices” and if we don’t have something in stock or priced aggressively enough for you just give us a call. 

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