Myths Surrounding Cigars

myths about cigar

Cigars are soaked in a rich history and culture. And there are many misconceptions and misrepresented facts. These days, cigars signify some things like cigars are associated with a particular sophistication and they signify success and influence people to become comrades. There are some myths about cigars, so let us understand them here so that you can have a better insight about them. If you are looking for a conversation starter or you just want to gain some knowledge about cigars, read the following myths surrounding cigars:

A major myth regarding Cuban cigars is that they are most potent. It is true that Cuban cigars are one of the best cigars you will ever find, however, they are not in any way the most potent. Potent means that a cigar is strong with aroma, flavor and also huge quantities of nicotine. Just like any other cigar, be it a?discount cigar or other, Cuban cigars are crafted with a variety of ways. A lot of cigar specialists believe the myth originates from the mysterious features that Cuban cigars have experienced since the embargo was enforced in the year 1962. However, there are some experts who have tried the Cuban cigars and have the opinion that some of them are crafted with tobacco that do give a smoking experience that is bolder compared to when you?Buy Cheap Cigars.

The Cigar?s flavor comes from its wrapper: This myth that most of the flavor of the cigar is due the leaf of the wrapper, is a little overstated. The leaves which are used to wrap a cigar do have an effect on the flavors but to say that around 70-80 % of the flavor derives from the cigar?s wrapper is rather an exaggeration. To demystify this, you have to see the filler. For example, if the cigar?s wrapper is a shade leaf, then the filler will be full bodied. The wrapper does not play a major role in influencing the flavor. Conversely, if the wrapper of a cigars is a broadleaf, then the filler is mild, plus the wrapper plays a huge role in the taste of the cigar.

Cigar accessories are not required: If you want to have an overall nice experience of smoking cigars, it is better to invest some money on?Cheap Cigar Accessories like cigar lighters, cigar cutters, ashtrays etc. to make your whole cigar smoking experience better and pleasurable. Many cigar smokers think that cigar accessories are not required. But this is a myth. To enhance your cigar smoking experience, cigar accessories are a must. Hope you have gained information about myths surrounding cigars with the above information and will certainly give enable you to know your sticks better.