Oliva Cigars – Giving Back To The People of Nicaragua

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The warehouse rollers are in full swing at the new San Latano cigar factor in beautiful Nicaragua. A.J. Fernandez purchased the new facility last year and quickly got the plant up to speed to handle production needs.

Now that the plant is up and running its producing an assortment of cigar lines including Man-O-War, Ave Maria, Enclave Broadleaf, Free World and Dias de Gloria brands.

“I am very happy because in a very short time the production has increased exponentially, and grows on a daily basis,” said Fernandez of his new factory. “We are always acting with social responsibility bringing work where it is needed and supporting the community that was previously unemployed.”

The new 117,000 square foot facility employs 118 rollers, or 59 pairs, but it has the capacity for 240 rollers or 120 pairs.

A.J. opened his new factory in Ocotal because the Esteli factory was at full capacity and the new plant will now meet the growing demand.

The former San Rafael factory was owned by Fidel Olivas of? Oliva Cigars? and produced the El Baton and Brick House brands for J.C. Newman before the company moved the cigar lines to its own factory.

Fernandez said that the facility was in very good condition when he bought it, but required some TLC and repairs to look and function more like his factory in Estel?.

“Ultimately, that brings me the greatest joy,” Fernandez said. “Seeing the hard-working people of Nicaragua able to prosper, as they have helped me prosper so much in this industry which I love.”

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