Pipe Tobacco Smoker’s Facts and Figures

pipe tobacco primer

As a pipe tobacco smoker you are no longer tied to the corporate behemoths know as cigarette companies. Let your smokers pride pipe tobacco flag of independence as you keep these lifestyle issues in mind. Check out pipe tobacco by Windy City Cigars here.

It’s a flavor rich world for most pipe tobacco smokers and whether you like a great tasting blend of pipe tobacco made with Virginia tobacco or a richer Burley blend you are only limited by your imagination.

  • And, in most cases price is not going to be an issue. As a retailer of 30-50 brands of pipe tobacco we know there are some variances with prices on pipe tobacco; but, there is not a huge amount of differences from product to product.

Be civil when and as you smoke pipe tobacco and yes we know those crusaders who vilify pipe tobacco smokers are out there. But, remember the best advice on civility ever made by Mark Twain: it is a mistake that there is no bath that will cure people’s manners. But drowning would help.”

Take the high ground, think about Twain’s quote and find a cigar smoker to hang out with if need be.

You want a tune or two to hum while you are firing up a pipe tobacco smoke or premium cigar then check out our “Best RYO Playlist” and we highly recommend listening to John Prine’s classic “Illegal Smile”

Struggling with rolling a cigarette with pipe tobacco is not something you should have to deal with. Cigarette machines come in a wide variety of types and prices, from manual to electric. Yes, there is still some labor involved in rolling your own tobacco; but cigarette rolling machines do work with a bit of practice and if you need a tutorial then play our video below.

Pipe tobacco has a shelf life of 2-3 months, no more in most cases. We get asked this question frequently and our advice is always avoid direct sunlight, don’t believe those who tell you to throw in an apple chunk unless you really/really like apple flavored pipe tobacco.

  • Pipe tobacco is not like a premium cigar that’s going to last for years in a humidor that is well made with good humidity controls – it does not improve with age and the refrigerator is never a good thing for your pipe tobacco either.

Your bae, wife, husband, girlfriend is complaining about the smoke in a room. We can’t get rid of this problem entirely but we can tell you smoke eating candles and sprays do help to negate the smells in a room. No product is going to get rid of the odor entirely. But these types of smoke eating candles work – our web site has a ton of positive reviews for these products.

  • And you can by a smoke eating candle for under ten bucks that will burn for 30-50 hours (on average) and you want flavors (?) we sell 20-40 flavors of candles, just about any flavor you can imagine from “fresh clothesline smell” to “cinnamon.”

Six Interesting Factoids about RYO Pipe Tobacco

  1. All commercial pipe tobacco is delivered in a resealable pouch or container of some type; there is no need to buy anything for storing pipe tobacco.
  2. You want to hang out in the most tobacco pipe friendly in the world then get a ticket to Amsterdam and be prepared to be in the majority. Over 45% of the Dutch are RYO folks, using pipe tobacco on a daily basis.
  3. Roll your own pipet tobacco here in the U.S. is classified by the IRS under a section of the tax code that provides an exemption for people who practice the roll your own lifestyle, versus some of the fixed costs of a the traditional cigarette that is mass produced by a tobacco company.
  4. Spice tobacco contrary to what many think is not a single source pipe tobacco, it’s really a blend of 2-3 types of pipe tobacco and you can get just about any flavor blend under the sun: vanilla, strawberry, blueberry, honey, cinnamon, cherry, etc.
  5. Pipe tobacco using tobacco from Virginia is the most popular type for good reason, it’s sweet, there are thousands of tobacco growers in VA, it’s a milder taste than tobacco grown in other states; Burley tobacco is cured in an open air barn, moving air over the tobacco as it ages and this is the second most popular type of tobacco. Burley is known for producing a milder taste than most types of pipe tobacco.
  6. “Cavendish” is not an actual type of tobacco, it just refers to how the tobacco leaf is cut on the front end of the pipe tobacco manufacturing process.

As always, thank you for visiting our web site – we sell over 2,500 RYO products, all popular pipe tobacco brands,? premium cigars and smoking accessories and all of our staff are tobacco enthusiasts too. If you have questions please cal us via our toll free number, message us on Facebook or contact us here on our site.

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