Candles & Air Fresheners

Take advantage of all the delightful scents our Smoke Odor Candles come in to offset some of the challenges tobacco smoke can cause others. We have the best air freshener for cigarette smoke smell on the market today. Our cigarette air freshener will help remove and get rid of smoke in your car or home.
These are not your ordinary “garden variety” grocery store odor candles. Try our smoke odor candles to eliminate smoke odor and to offset odors caused by tobacco smoke. This will help to ensure your friends and family is comfortable when you fire up a premium cigar, cigarette or pipe.
You want variety when you choose a smoke odor candle? You’ve come to the right place, as these smoke odor candles come in just about every scent imaginable:

Nag Champa
Brazilian Coffee *New
Clothesline Fresh
Orange Lemon Splash
Cinnamon Apple
Honeydew Melon
Creamy Vanilla
Lavender with Chamomile
Flower Power
Hippie Love
Gardenia Delight
Bamboo Breeze
Dragons Blood
Fresh Strawberries
Hot Apple Cobbler
Mulberry & Spice
Fall n Leaves
Sugared Cranberry
Hollyberry Hills
Bermuda Beach
Rasta Love
Happy Daze
Sugar Skull
Mandarin Spice
Havana Nights
Pineapple Coconut
Harvest Cider
Calypso Bay
Apple Pumpkin
Vanilla Glitz
Blue Serenity
Picking Daises
Miami Sunrise
Maui Wowie

These are great for entertaining or when you want to make sure there are no residual odors from tobacco usage. They get the job done and BTW are highly reviewed here on our site so we sell a ton of these smoke odor candles. They are RYO lifestyle approved too. 
While you are visiting this page we’d also recommend checking out our Smoke Odor Eliminator Sprays which also come in matching flavors which are identical to our smoke odor candles. Our air freshener sprays also work in conjunction with the candles to get rid of any odors.

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