Note : As you may recall, in December 2016, the FDA Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) issued warning letters to sellers of filtered cigars .
These letters stated CTP’s belief that because of the shape, size and packaging of these products, they were likely offered to, or purchased by, consumers as cigarettes not cigars.
As such, they were likely in violation of the Tobacco Control Act if they contained characterizing flavors.
We stated in our December 9, 2016 memo to you, that we believed strongly that CTP’s interpretation of this provision was incorrect as a matter of law and policy,
and that we intended to actively and aggressively defend those products.At the moment we are unable to sell filtered cigars ,and we hope the CTP will acknowledge the difference between cigarettes and Filtered cigars after our explanation.
Please contact us with any questions.
[email protected]

Golden Harvest Filtered Cigars provide a mild to medium bodied taste packed in a 100mm body. Frequently referred to as “little cigars” or miniatures, these Golden Harvest little filtered cigars are full of flavor and come in a number of big flavors: 

Light – premium blend of tobacco with no added flavor and a filter for a smooth, sweet tobacco flavor that will satisfy you any time of day.
Menthol – a little menthol to create a crisp, fresh, minty flavor that’s refreshing and infinitely satisfying. It’s like smoking a breath mint.
Vanilla – this makes for one sweet, home grown treat! This tastes  as good as vanilla ice cream cone on a hot day.
Full Flavor – full flavor filtered cigars are made right here in the USA from tobacco grown in the North Carolina.
Cherry – These sweethearts start with tobacco grown in North Carolina, then they’re infused with sweet cherry flavoring.
Grape – Fall in love with grape soda flavor all over again with this audacious little cigar.

Golden Harvest Filtered Cigars come in packs of twenty and we always have them in stock and on sale.

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