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Black & Mild Cigars

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Black and Mild Flavors Cigars are one of the most popular among cigar smokers and are one of the highest selling machine made cigars worldwide. These great cigars are created by John Middleton pipe Tobacco Company in Pennsylvania, U.S.A. They are created using pipe tobacco that is very aromatic.

Black n Mild Cigars are rolled in a homogenized binder and wrapper. They’re made using golden Virginia and black Cavendish tobacco. Black & Mild cigars are full of flavor and have a sweet taste with an enjoyable aroma. We offer an extensive variety of all Black and Mild flavors that come in several sizes. If you’re searching for a really enjoyable cigar smoking sensation then, you cannot afford to miss out on Middleton’s famous Black and Mild cigars. The distinctive aroma and flavor of these cigars will certainly delight you!

Black and Mild cigars come in different flavors such as Apple, Mild, Cherry, Cherry Pipe Tobacco, Cream, Cream Pipe Tobacco, Wine, Wine Wood Tip, Classic, Shorts, Sweet Cigarillo, Gold and Mild.

Black and Mild

The Black and Mild cigars are available in Windy CityCigars with 10/5 Packs cigars  , we do have many flavors the one in top always availbele in the following flavors:

  • Black & Mild (original)
  • Cream
  • Apple
  • Casino
  • Gold and Mild
  • Soft Vanilla (Prince Albert)
  • Cruise
  • Rhythm
  • Wood Tip Wine
  • Sweets (Launched nationally in May 2017)
  • Wood Tip (Original)
  • Cherry (Middleton's)
  • Wood Tip Casino
  • Cherry Vanilla (Prince Albert)
  • Wood Tip Royale
  • Filtered Tips (Black & Mild FT)
  • Jazz
  • Mild
  • Natural Wrap Wood Tip (available in select markets)
  • Royale
  • Wine
  • Wood Tip Jazz
  • Wood Tip Wine

Black and Milds cigar Made with a mix of Burley, Cavendish,  and Golden Virginia pipe tobacco  which provide a deep flavor and sweet aroma, in a really good smooth smoking experience. always here where you can find the best original Black and Mild, your favorite Wine and the apple flavors .