Blackstone Cigars

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Blackstone Cigars by Swisher are machine-made, small cigars. Blackstone cigars were introduced in the year 1997 and are created here in the United States. These cigars have a handy plastic tip. They feature a pipe filler and are made from a homogenized tobacco leaf binder and wrapper. The strength of Blackstone Cigars is mild and are adored for their sweet, smooth, mild taste that is very much satisfying. Blackstone cigars are renowned for their aromatic pipe tobacco that gives an amazing aroma.

Blackstone Cigars come in an assortment of flavors and they burn in an even way. If you are searching for a cigar that is budget friendly, then the Blackstone Cigar is perfect for you. Blackstone cigars are available in two blends: Blackstone Vanilla Tip Cigarillo and Blackstone Cherry Tip Cigarillo.