Krome Cigars by Phillies

Krome cigars and Krome Cigarillos are manufactured by the well-known brand, Phillies. These machine made cigars come in five distinct flavors: Jade, Ruby, Diamond, Onxy and Topaz.

These flavors are unique to the Krome Cigars brand:

Krome Jade Cigars – has a slight touch of grapes
Kkrome Ruby Cigars – is a sweet tasting machine made cigar
Krome Diamond Cigars – has a classic cigarillo (strong!) taste
Krome Onxy Cigars – has a mouthwatering blackberry taste

The overall taste of Krome cigars and Krome cigarillos is sweet and mild, made in the Dominican Republic and each package of great tasting cigarillos costs you less than a buck – go large on taste and sample a package of Phillies Krome Cigars. These are the next generation of machine made cigarillos!

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