OHM Cigarillos

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OHM Cigarillos are great for a casual smoke – heavy on flavor and light on unpleasantness like some of our lower cost competitors. We manufacture this product ourselves and each OHM cigarillo is made with high quality tobacco, with the right amount of flavoring agents that give you a great taste that’s not artificial. Nothing but flavor packed goodness in each of these OHM cigarillo blends.

OHM Cigarillos Come in these Great Flavors:

OHM Blueberry Berserk Cigarillos: you want a taste of blueberries in a cigarillo this is the right product.
OHM Mango Maniac Cigarillos: a bit on the wild side, with enough mango to satisfy the taste buds of any cigarillo smoker looking for something out of the ordinary.
Cigarillos Sweet Bomb Cigarillos: enough sweetness to satisfy the craving of any cigarillo smoker with a sweet tooth.
OHM Water-Freaking Melon Cigarillos: you want melon taste with your cigar? This is the cigarillo for you, loaded with that melon taste you are looking for.
OHM Strawberry Breeze Cigarillos: your taste buds will think you are walking around in the strawberry patch down in the lower forty.

We sell these in individual packs of 15/3 goodness or an economical pouch of three.