752° Pipe Tobacco

752° Pipe Tobacco is an affordable flue-cured and air dried pipe tobacco with a natural taste that’s nothing fancy, just good tasting pipe tobacco.

752° Pipe Tobacco comes in four primary flavors: Bold, Gold, Mint and Silver 1lb and 6oz bags and is somewhat similar in taste to our OHM Pipe Tobacco line, which is highly popular pipe tobacco and reviewed heavily here on our site.

This amazing pipe tobacco is a desirable blend of different flavors, giving you a pleasing and blissful taste when you smoke. Prepared from the finest grade tobacco, these pipe tobaccos are available in a variety of flavors. Counted amongst the most widely reviewed pipe tobaccos, these tobaccos offer the following main features.

Highly Affordable
Offering a flawless taste, these tobaccos are highly inexpensive. So, you can soothe your palate without having to bear a huge prize. However, there is no compromise with the quality entailed.

Fine Taste
These consist of air-dried tobaccos, which give you an essence of natural flavors as you begin to smoke. The exotic flavors contained in the tobacco give you a supreme taste and impactful drags.

Duly Fermented
Diligently prepared using traditional recipes, these pipe tobaccos are properly fermented and preserved to give a remarkable drive combined with tasteful combustion.

Extensive Taste With Characteristic Aroma
Rich in taste and quality, these tobaccos also offer a long-lasting pristine aroma, making your smoking experience even more euphoric. The appealing palates are merged with impeccable drags to offer you a flavorsome and fresh smoking exposure.

These satisfactory, good-quality packs are available in the flavors of Bold, Gold, Mint, and Silver. These 1lb and 6oz packs give you a bright and likable taste at a reasonable price.