Balkan Supreme Tobacco

Arango Balkan Supreme Pipe Tobacco has a truly full bodied taste, has no artificial flavors in it, loose cut and uses a large amount of Latakia.

Balkan Supreme also uses a traditional English blend combined with a Black Cavendish and a Turkish Samsun.

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The classic collection of traditional English blend with Latakia, Cavendish, and Turkish Tobacco to bring you a full body taste. Balkan Supreme Tobacco is a pioneer of non-artificiality and an admired selection for hardcore smokers.

Engaging Taste – The most prominent aspect of this Tobacco is the full-body taste it offers. It is made with aromatic woods with fragrant herbs that perfectly blend with an intense peppery hint from Latakia’s rich taste. This blends perfectly with the acidic taste of Turkish Tobacco.

Nicotine Balance – Despite such an enticing blend of Tobacco, the Balkan Tobacco maintains a rich profile of nicotine. You have fluke, fired, and cured mix of Tobacco, which succeeds in offering a mild flavor with fewer carcinogens and nicotine. Packed together, they are just ‘right’ level for any avid smoker.

Premium Tobacco – Take a look at the rich profile of this tobacco blend—Latakia, Cavendish, Turkish, and English all in a single scoop of wonder. A combination with such a high smoky characteristic is certainly worth a smoke.

The Tobacco settles perfectly either with pipes or tubes. You can smoke it in any preferred way—no chemical or artificiality, only 100% pure, premium-grade Tobacco for you.


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