Edward G Robinson Pipe Tobacco

Edward G. Robinson (born Emanuel Goldenberg; December 12, 1893 – January 26, 1973) was a Romanian-born American actor. A popular star on stage and screen during Hollywood’s Golden Age, he appeared in 40 Broadway plays and over 100 films during his illustrious 50-year career. He is best known for his tough-guy roles as a gangster, such as his star-making film Little Caesar and Key Largo. He was also known for being a huge pipe tobacco aficionado thus a new star was born in Edward G. Robinson Flavored Pipe Tobacco.
Edward G. Robinson pipe tobacco is one of the true great pipe tobaccos and it’s available in our 12oz classic tin cans to preserve freshness. Edward G. Robinson pipe tobacco has been around forever and once you try it you’ll see why it’s a favorite of pipe tobacco smokers worldwide. We always have Edward G. Robinson pipe tobacco on sale everyday at Windy City Cigars.

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