Fribourg & Treyer Pipe Tobacco

Fribourg & Treyer a leading pipe tobacco company first started out as a small tobacco shop in London in the 1800’s. Fast forward to today and they are a well-established classical pipe tobacco manufacturer, using traditional blends of tobacco and manufacturing processes that are hundreds of years old.

If your tastes run to strong traditional tasting pipe tobacco then Fribourg & Treyer pipe tobacco should be something you want to taste.

Fribourg & Treyer pipe tobacco comes in these great flavors:

Cut Blended Plug: this is a dark brown fermented plug slices, using high quality mature Virginias, producing a spicy strong tasting tobacco. 
Cut Virginia Plug: great tasting fruity blend of Virginias, producing a medium strength Flake pipe tobacco.
Black Jack: Navy cut Virginia, with a light aromatic somewhat mild taste, with strong hints of spice.
Special Brown: this Flake is a very dark fermented Virginia, with a hint of sweetness.
Vintage: natural lightly fermented Virginia, Navy cut, giving you a traditional taste. 
Evans Blend: mild tasting, with slight nots of Cavendish.
Golden Mixture: their mildest tasting tobacco, easy on the taste buds.
34th Mixture: large cut Virginians, with Black Cavendish and Latakia, providing a one of kind mild taste.
Waterloo No. 2: one of their oldest blends, a truly classic English tasting blend.
Wingate Mixture: middle of the road English mixture, notes of Perique and Virginias.
Vanner Mixture: Virginias mixed with Black Cavendish, with a cool mild and mellow taste.

Fribourg and Treyer pipe tobacco is always in stock here at Windy City Cigars and our prices can’t be beat anywhere. 

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