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Gambler Pipe Tobacco prices their products aggressively to be very competitive with any other tobacco manufacturers, so you can buy pipe and cigarette tobacco online at wholesale prices.

They make a great tasting pipe and cigarette tobacco that delivers a lot of volume and taste for the price you pay.

We stock four popular Gamble Pipe Tobacco flavors: Regular, Mellow, Silver and Mint and all come in a (1lb.) 16oz bag. 

Gambler Regular Pipe Tobacco: just a good tasting middle of the road pipe tobacco.
Gambler Mellow Tobacco: a bit of a smoother tasting blend than Regular but not quite as silky smooth as Silver.
Gambler Silver Pipe Tobacco: Gambler’s smoothest blend, on par with pipe tobacco from much more expensive brands.
Gambler Mint Tobacco: this tobacco has a slight taste of mint, won’t overpower you but enough to give you a minty taste.

Here at Windy City Cigars we have over 100 reviews of Gambler Pipe Tobacco and the vast majority of them are positive. So, don’t take our word for it, check out the reviews on our site. 

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