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Golden Harvest Tobacco is known for using the best flue-cured, highest quality Virginia sourced pipe tobacco and for their more exotic blends they use Burley and Oriental (classic English) tobaccos. This is a good, quality pipe and cigarette tobacco without a lot of low quality flavoring additives or puff stems like you’ll find in other low cost pipe tobacco products. 

Golden Harvest Pipe and Cigarette Tobacco Blends:

Golden Harvest Blue: a good tasting smooth blend that’s not as strong as their robust product.
Golden Harvest Natural: a classic good tasting pipe tobacco, strong but not overpowering.
Golden Harvest Robust: their strongest tasting blend that gets your attention when you fire up a hand rolled cigarette.
Golden Harvest Silver: smooth tasting blend that’s just easy on the taste buds.
Golden Harvest Mint: won’t knock you out with the “spear minty” taste, just a subtle touch of mint.

We always have Golden Harvest 16oz (1lb) bags of pipe tobacco in stock and you’ll see a ton of great, positive reviews on this product.