Lane Limited Pipe Tobacco

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Lane Limited Pipe Tobacco is a top of the line bulk tobacco that’s been popular with pipe smokers for 50+ years. It tastes great, doesn’t smoke harsh like some competitive products, burns cleanly and it’s priced aggressively, so you’ll get a good value for what you pay. Lane Limited Pipe Tobacco is an affordable bulk tobacco that compares favorably to other brands of pipe tobacco that are not “bulk manufacturers”.
Lane Limited Pipe Tobacco Blends Comes in these Distinct Flavors in 5lb Bags: 

Very Cherry Pipe Tobacco: nice notes of cherry, subtle but doesn’t overpower the tobacco taste. 
RLP6 Pipe Tobacco: a rich unique taste that you have to try.
MV1000 Pipe Tobacco: fire-cured to produce an extremely mild tasting, slow burning smoke.
HS3 Pipe Tobacco: Burley, Cavendish and Virginia’s blend that’s unique.
WB Pipe Tobacco: made with Burley, light taste with no bite whatsoever.
BCA Pipe Tobacco: a classic fire-cured and steamed Cavendish, rich in taste and with a pleasant aroma.
1Q Pipe Tobacco: great blend using golden Virginia’s and black Cavendish, smooth flavor and a rich aroma.

Our everyday low prices on Lane Limited Bulk Pipe Tobacco help you save money and we ship faster than anyone else on the web. Our customer service team receives great reviews for this awesome pipe tobacco.