Our very own OHM Au Naturalle Pipe Tobacco is manufactured to exacting standards. This organic natural tobacco leaf is sourced from a group of tobacco growers we have been working with for 10+ years and it’s manufactured to standards pipe and cigarette smokers have come to expect. You’re going to get a great tasting natural pipe and cigarette tobacco, that’s rich enough to satisfy, but smooth enough, so it tastes great with no harshness. We have got all flavors of OHM tobacco on our website WindyCityCigars.com.

OHM Au Naturalle Pipe Tobacco is made with all organic tobacco, with no commercial additives (unless for flavoring) used by some of our competitors and BTW our entire OHM Au Naturelle Pipe Tobacco line garners five star reviews here on our site and via Yelp.

OHM Au Naturelle Pipe Tobacco comes in 3 great tasting flavors. 

Red: A more robust flavored pipe tobacco if you want a little stronger tobacco.
Gold: Get a richer somewhat smoother taste with our “Gold” and it never dries out on you and smokes great every time.
Menthol: You want a hint of menthol? This blend of pipe and cigarette tobacco is perfect.

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OHM Au Naturalle Red Pipe Tobacco – 6oz Bag
OHM Au Naturalle Red Pipe Tobacco – 1oz Bag

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