OHM Pipe Tobacco

OHM Pipe Tobacco has been the choice for RYO cigarette tobacco and pipe smokers for over ten years. Read one great review after another on our OHM pipe tobacco at wholesale prices here on our site or Biz Rate. We consistently receive great reviews from our OHM tobacco customers.

OHM Pipe Tobacco is made with great Virginia tobacco leaves sourced from growers we have worked with for years. The taste is rich enough to give you a full flavored experience, but mild enough so you know you’re smoking high quality pipe tobacco.

OHM pipe and cigarette tobacco is manufactured to exact standards every RYO tobacco smoker expects, stored properly in every step of the supply chain and each 1lb or 5lb bag or pouch is re-sealable ensuring your pipe tobacco will stay fresh.

OHM Pipe and Cigarette Tobacco come in a wide variety of flavors:
Bold – A full flavored pipe tobacco taste a bit stronger than our other blends. If you are seeking a richer taste this is the right pipe tobacco choice.
Blue – OHM Blue offers the same great blend as our OHM Bold, but with a bit of a smoother taste.
Mint – OHM Mint Pipe Tobacco has a hint of menthol in it; doesn’t overpower you but lets you smoke cool.
Gold Mint – OHM Gold Mint is a bit smoother on the taste buds than our standard mint flavor.
Silver – With a smoother taste, this pipe tobacco is for the more experienced pipe tobacco smoker who wants a sophisticated taste.
Natural – OHM Natural pipe tobacco has a much fuller and heavier smoke than the OHM Bold tobacco, a bit stronger on the taste buds.
Turkish Red – OHM Turkish Red has an exotic taste for those that are seeking a more life on the edge with their tobacco.
Turkish Yellow – OHM Turkish Yellow Blend offers the same great blend as our OHM Turkish Red but with a smoother taste.

OHM Tobacco