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Orlik Pipe Tobacco

Orlik Pipe Tobacco comes from a blend of dark and bright Virginias with strong Perique from Louisiana. The blend is pressed into thin plates, which are matured under pressure before being spun tightly into rolls around a core of Black Cavendish. The rolls are then matured before being cut and packed for smoking.
We sell all popular flavors of Orik Pipe Tobacco in the 1.75oz and 3.75oz tin can: 

Orik Golden Sliced Pipe Tobacco: sweet tasting with a slight touch of Perique.
Orik Dark Strong Kentucky Pipe Tobacco: an “all in” strong taste with no bite, just flavor.
Orik Racing Green Pipe Tobacco: mellow Burleys with a touch of Cavendish. 
Orik Golden Mixture Pipe Tobacco: smoother taste than the rest of their blends.
Orik Mellow Mixture Pipe Tobacco: mellow almost creamy taste with a hint of exotic notes.

Orik Pipe Tobacco is always in stock and always on sale here at Windy City Cigars along with thousands of other RYO friendly products and cigars.