Peter Stokkebye Pipe Tobacco

Peter Stokkebye pipe tobacco got their start making pipe tobacco over a century ago in Denmark. Today they are the “go to industry gold standard” pipe tobacco manufacturer and a consistent best seller here at Windy City Cigars.

Peter Stokkebye cigarette tobacco has lots of flavor in their blends; they use classic Virginia coins and combine these with flavors sourced back to their roots in Denmark and classic English blends and or Burley tobacco and other exotic blends of tobacco and flavoring agents. This is bulk tobacco and we sell it in 5lb bags.
Buy Peter Stokkebye Tobacco Online in These Flavors:

Peter Stokkebye Pipe Tobacco Cherry: 5lb bag – a great tasting Cavendish, with flue-cured Virginais and light Burley, with subtle Cherry flavor.

Peter Stokkebye Pipe Tobacco Nougat: 5lb bag – one of their best-selling blends, made with Golden African Virginias, Burley and a slight touch of Cavendish, finished with Cherry and Chocolate, giving it a unique taste.

Peter Stokkebye Pipe Tobacco Optimum: 5lb bag – made with flue cured tobacco sourced in Zimbabwe and Malawi, made with sweet pressed Cavendish with a hint of Burley.

Peter Stokkebye Pipe Tobacco Vanilla: 5lb bag – made with toasted Cavendish, ripe Virginias with a hint of Vanilla to give it that naturally sweet and mild flavor. 

We sell a lot of Peter Stokkebye Rolling Tobacco so if you have questions about this top pipe tobacco product, premium cigars, manual or electric cigarette machines, or any of our smoking accessories please call us at 866-233-8796 – every question is important to us.

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